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Quote I was friendly with this girl who insisted on touching my face
Belly, "Untogether"


Achoo! Good god, I feel horrible. I've been fighting off a sore throat for the last two days, and while that is now gone, it's been replaced by a chest cold. Coughing. Sneezing. Aching. It's all so much fun. I'm working from home today so my coworkers don't have to listen to me snort and sniffle and hack up a lung.

And speaking of my health, go on and congratulate me for achieving six years in remission from Hodgkin's disease on October 24. I guess the six months of chemo and four weeks of chest irradiation actually worked. Woo hoo! My lungs are still none too happy about the whole thing (especially on days like today), but they can cram it.

Been working a lot. Been sleeping a lot. Yesterday I dropped $107 on because they were having a freebie fest. I bought Bobbi Brown Oil Free Foundation in Sand, Clinique Glosswear Sheer Shimmers in Sunset (with free stuff), MAC Compact Powder Puff (with free stuff), Origins Gloomaway Body Souffle (with free stuff), Prescriptives refillable eyeshadow compact (with free stuff), Stila Holiday 5 Pan (with free stuff), and the Gloss free beauty bag w/samples. I just can't wait to get it, so I can play with all of my free stuff.

The chatroom has gotten elitist. Bleh.

The squirrels and birds are back for the winter, so I've set up the feeder out back. Maybe I'll get lucky and see some white squirrels and black squirrels.


First, I'm not morbid. But there is something I find fascinating about this whole sniper ordeal. I also find it abhorrent and repellent. And yet, fascinating. How does someone do that? No, I don't mean the physical mechanism of laying in wait and shooting someone. Of pulling the trigger and sparking the powder and firing the pin and sending that bullet screaming towards its intended target.

I mean, how do you hunt people?

Psychologically, how do you get to the point where you can line up a human being in the sights of a rifle scope and send almost certain death towards them, faster than the speed of sound – which high-velocity rifles can do – so that they hear their death before they die?

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