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November 24, 2003

To Be Discontinued

I can't let Teem get all the attention!

If I could do anything today, it would be to bitchslap the fool at L'Oreal Paris USA that decided that reformulating the Quick Stick foundation was a good idea. Because it's not! The new version - Ideal Balance something or other - is horrible! I tried it on my hand and it made me itch!

So NOW, I have to travel around to the other two CVS drugstores in the area and see if I can find the old, now discontinued formula in Natural Beige. I have to find it at CVS for two reasons. One, I need to return this GREATLY INFERIOR VERSION that I just bought this afternoon. Two, CVS is having a sale right now where you get a free L'Oreal blush with purchase of a foundation. And since I need to stock up, I might as well get free stuff while I'm at it.

But I'm still angry! *RAGE*

You know what this reminds me of? When Freeman discontinued my beloved Raspberry Almond facial scrub and reformulated it in a totally disgusting manner. Bastards.

What things that you love have been discontinued?

Posted by Julie on November 24, 2003 04:01 PM to the category Randomness

Yeah, stupid evil Maybelline discontinued the only awesome concealer I've ever been able to find - Great Wear. And replaced it with... well, I don't even remember because as soon as Great Wear went away, so did my attention to Maybelline. TAKE THAT!

But now that I've found me L'Oreal Airwear Brightener, things are shaping up nicely. *hugs L'Oreal*

Posted by: Teem at November 24, 2003 04:09 PM

You're hugging the devil, Teem.

Posted by: Julie at November 24, 2003 04:10 PM

I do not envy your struggles for concealer perfection. Prescriptives MatchStick in Warm Cream, used over Stila liquid foundation.

Works. Perfectly.

Not. Cheap.

Posted by: Ka Ching at November 24, 2003 04:16 PM

Yeah, well, I always said I'd sell my soul to the devil for a good concealer.

Posted by: Teem at November 24, 2003 04:23 PM

Things I love that have been discontinued? Bath & Body Works - "Cool Citrus Basil". "Buffy The Vampire Slayer". :-(

Posted by: TVJunkie at November 24, 2003 04:56 PM

URGH! Don't get me started on B&BW. Cool Citrus Basil and Honeysuckle were my favorite scents. *stabs B&BW*

Posted by: Teem at November 24, 2003 05:08 PM

TVJ, was Cool Citrus Basil the one I sent you? And yeah, Buffy. *sniff*

ALSO, the little mini-sized snack cake mixes that included a wee little packet of frosting, along with a plastic pan in which you could microwave the cake batter.

Posted by: Julie at November 24, 2003 05:42 PM

Don't talk to me about discontinued. I just ordered a whole new bottle of L'Artisan Parfumeur perfume from Bergdorf's in NYC because I found out they were discontinuing my scent.

That's probably the most insane cosmetic moment I've ever had.

Posted by: Ka Ching at November 24, 2003 05:49 PM

Yes, Heewig .. Cool Citrus Basil was the one you sent me - you saved me from a potentially postal moment at the mall. (ThankYouThankYouThankYou) And I miss the snack cake mix, too! There is a Stir-N-Bake mix out there which is just so-so. ~TVJ~

Posted by: TVJunkie at November 24, 2003 07:51 PM

I cast my vote for the aforementioned B&B Works' Herbal Mist, which was my all-time favorite, of which I still have one bottle squirreled away.

Posted by: Kat at November 24, 2003 08:33 PM

I miss Mug Diet Rootbeer. [flips off Pepsi]

Posted by: grace at November 25, 2003 01:00 PM

Mine is B&BW Honeysuckle, the New Kids as cheesy teen idols, Felicity and the other non butter flavors of Molly McButter.

Posted by: Roo at November 25, 2003 01:20 PM
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