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January 20, 2004

State of the Union

Lots of interesting articles in the New York Times today leading up to tonight's State of the Union address. I am cringing in anticipation. I am afeared that the only thing that could make this speech by Bush more painful for me would be for Antonin Scalia to be sitting right beside him, knitting a sweater.

I'm very intrigued by the article on extending health care benefits to the uninsured by cutting back on the benefits that are currently covered under existing plans. The article mentions repeated attempts at in-vitro fertilization as a benefit that could be cut, and I have to say, I agree with that (just based on the fact that it's not a matter of life or death for a woman to be able to have a biological child).

Next up, we have a terrific op-ed piece by Paul Krugman, Going For Broke," which previews Bush's likely focus in tonight's SOTU address. The second paragraph nearly made my head shoot up off my neck and spin around a few dozen times:

Mr. Bush may not understand this; indeed, he still seems to think that he's another Lincoln or F.D.R. "No president has done more for human rights than I have," he told Ken Auletta.

I am, literally, nauseated by even the slightest comparison of Bush to Lincoln. And that quote from Bush is just comical. Bush wouldn't know human rights if they walked up and bit him on the ass (but not in a homosexual way, mind you. Never that).

There's also a new computer virus replicating it's way around the globe. I've already received this one twice. I'm sure you all know this, but it bears repeating - never click on an email attachment that is an EXE file.

Posted by Highwaygirl on January 20, 2004 10:09 AM to the category Current Affairs

Yes, or open an email with the subject line of "Hi".

When I worked at a high tech company is Israel, my colleague opened one of those. It was one of those worms that takes over your address book and replicates. Well. Our company had 6000 employees. Suffice it to say that the computers were a *little* slow that day.

Not only that, but our Outlook was set up to send confirmations any time a sent e-mail was received and also when said e-mail was opened. For two days we did nothing but sit and delete the THOUSANDS of confirmation emails we got. THAT was fun! It didn't help that there were a few more people in the company who weren't bright enough to know not to open it, so the virus went Energizer Bunny on us. Feh.

Posted by: rappy at January 20, 2004 12:21 PM

"George Bush will use tonight's State of the Union speech to portray himself as a visionary leader who stands above the political frayWhat color is the sky in YOUR world, Mr. President??

Posted by: Nancy at January 20, 2004 12:23 PM

Dang it, I can't edit my post and there's a big old mistake. Just for the record, there's supposed to be an ellipse and an end quote after the word fray.

Posted by: Nancy at January 20, 2004 12:24 PM

Bush did more for human rights than any other president? Yeah, he's right. He did more to set women back into the stone ages, he did more to keep the poor poorer and the rich richer. *blood boils*

Posted by: KatJam at January 20, 2004 12:43 PM

Oh come on KatJam. Everyone knows women and the poor aren't real people. What we're talking about here is every wealthy American's right to indulge in a Judeo Christian worldview without being distracted by gays or people who don't look like "us". You know, the real human rights.

*Eats Freedom Fries in this brave new world Mr. Bush has created for us*

Posted by: overg at January 21, 2004 07:21 AM
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