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March 13, 2004

The Best Day Ever

I had a fantastic day! And I fell in love with another (I think) gay man! But more on him later.

I left the apartment early-early this morning to go to the Cosmetics Trend Show at Nordstrom. I bought the ticket ($5) about a month ago, and although I was excited about it at the time I was feeling pretty ho-hum about it this morning. But I knew there would be a goody bag given to everyone, so I figured it was worth going just for that.

So I get there about 7:50 a.m. and there's already a line queueing up. They open the doors at 8 and it's like cattle heading off to slaughter, with the pushing and jostling for position. We walked through a gauntlet of Nordstrom employees handing out the free stuff, then went up the escalator to the "runway" that had been set up on the second floor. I found a seat near the front, on the end, to make a quick getaway. Each chair had an adorable pink hatbox on it, filled with items for breakfast - Tropicana Smoothie, a pear, blueberry muffin and a Nutrigrain bar. I packed the hatbox and my goody bag into the empty Nordstrom shopping bag that was underneath my chair, then settled in for the show.

The show itself was fun - lots of new Spring looks, lots of national makeup artists and cosmetic company people were there talking about their lines, etc. I think the show broke up around 9:30 and then it was MASS HYSTERIA as people fought to get back down to the first floor and the cosmetics department.

My first stop was Stila, because I wanted to get a sample of the tinted moisturizer. But there was a meelion women there, so I wandered over to Smashbox. The national makeup artist for that line, Danial Chavez, was hysterically funny during his presentation and had a crowd of people around him already.

And then I heard him say, "We're almost sold out of the Runway Kit." I don't know what happened to me then, but I think my lizard brain took over and the economics of supply and demand came hurtling forth and all I knew was that if there were only a few of these "Runway Kits" left, I HAD TO HAVE ONE. Danial had a stack of the last ones in his arms, and I could see my hand reaching out in slow-motion to take one.

So take one I did. Bought one, too, for $59. And got a free palette with two eyeshadows and a lip gloss as a bonus.

This is one of the things that, honestly, I don't know if I'll keep. But it's actually a really good price for everything you get, so ... I'll have to see how the stuff looks on.

From there I milled around a little bit more, but decided this would be a good time to leave Nordstrom and go to the post office and mail the packages I needed to send out. I had a makeover scheduled at Bobbi Brown at 1, and wanted to get some more shopping in before that so I could go home right after they were done with me.

So I went to the post office, then went back to Nordstrom. I went up to the second floor to try on Wacoal bras. They were okay, but not okay enough to ever justify the incredible cost ($60). I kept looking around - I need some Spring-ish, short sleeved shirts, since everything I had last year has already been donated due to not fitting - and found something really nice in Nordstrom's house brand. Wrinkle resistant, nice cut, only $34. So I bought it in white, black, and french blue. Aaaaaaaand opened up a Nordstrom credit account to do so, because with a $100 opening purchase I got a $20 gift certificate.

Always willing to work the angle, I am!

Then it was back downstairs, and with the Stila counter sufficiently cleared out, I sat down to get matched to a color of the tinted moisturizer. And I ended up buying the full size because I liked the way it looked so much. I also, uh, bought the Illuminating Powder Foundation compact and refill, because I liked the way that looked on too.

I have a feeling one of these will go back. Oh, with my Stila purchase, I got a free compact with two lip glazes. Can you tell that the concept of "free stuff" is really big with me?

And THEN ... I met Greg. Greg needs his own entry.

Posted by Highwaygirl on March 13, 2004 05:15 PM to the category Celebrity Crush

You will like the Stila TM! I wear mine with a dusting of the IPF over it. So you definitely need BOTH. I'm sad you didn't get Diamond Lil though. :B

Posted by: Teem at March 13, 2004 05:35 PM
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