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March 17, 2004


You know how, sometimes, you anticipate every version of a potential event and then the thing happens and it's nothing at all like you ever expected it to be? And usually that's a bad thing, but sometimes it's really, really good?

Well, that happened to me tonight.

So, I called The Greg. Although wait - a side note. CLEARLY he can never be allowed to see this site. At least until he knows very well that I'm not some crazy stalker girl.

ANYWAY, back to the story. I called The Greg. Now, I was absolutely positive that I had not told him my name on Saturday. So I was a bit chagrined that I was going to have to do one of those "I don't know if you remember me BUT..." things. Which I hate, because they're dumb. But I was going to have to do it, so I tried to suck it up and just run with it.

So I get him on the phone and I start out with the "hi Greg, it's Julie Goodrich. I met you ..." and then he cuts me off with "Julie! I know who you are!" So I was perplexed, and told him that I hadn't introduced myself, and he assured me that I had. I said I was the last person that he worked on before he left the store, and he says, "I know exactly who you are.

"I was wondering if you were ever going to call."

From there the memory clouds a little, because I think I said something about not wanting to be a pest, and not even really realizing that he had given me his cell phone number until I got home, and then not really knowing what to do with it. In other words, I babbled like an idiot. Ah yes. I had a feeling that would happen at some point.

So I told him that I just wanted to call and thank him again for his time, and for showing me the products, because I was very happy with the results, blahblahblah, and "I really enjoyed meeting and talking to you, too. You seem like a really great guy." There she is! There's the geeky fangirl! I knew she'd make an appearance.

Then I said "you made a definite impression on me." Then he said, "as you did on me." Then the planets aligned and angels starting singing.

So I yammer on with him for about 10 minutes, talking about business-type stuff, and then he tells me that he's in his car looking for his hotel (he's down in Miami) and that since he's not quite sure where it is, he needs to get off the phone so he can concentrate on finding it.

"But call me later?"

So ... yeah. It took me three days to get the nerve to call the first time, I'm not sure I can do twice in a few hours. But I said I would, so we'll see.

Such a great guy. Just a really terrific person.

Oh, one other thing - I'm pretty sure at this point that he and I are playing on the same team, if you know what I mean (and I think you do). Which is fine! Because either way, it's all EEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Posted by Highwaygirl on March 17, 2004 07:27 PM to the category Celebrity Crush

You MUST call him back

Posted by: mike at March 17, 2004 07:52 PM

DUDE! No, really, DUDE!

Posted by: rappy at March 17, 2004 08:10 PM

HEEWIG! EEEEEE! Okay, I'm 12. But still! You MUST call him back. A definite must. B/c the worst thing that could happen is you get a cool new friend out of the deal who can do pretty things to your face!

So yes, call back. B/c he told you to, dang it!

Posted by: rockybeach at March 17, 2004 10:21 PM

...how far away from you is Miami?

Posted by: Tsy at March 18, 2004 02:58 AM

Miami is about five hours away, but that is inconsequential because - this being my birthday weekend - my social calendar is totally booked up.

But anyway, I did call back. Got his voice mail, left a message and my phone number.

Posted by: Highwaygirl at March 18, 2004 06:42 AM

I alredy did this, but "EEEeeeeeeeeee!" Heewig. How fabulous! Hopefully you'll hear back from him soon.

Posted by: Nancy at March 18, 2004 01:06 PM

OMG. This NEVER happens. They are always gay, married or unnaturally attached to their mothers. If he's straight, grab that boy and don't let go! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

Posted by: Mensch71 at March 21, 2004 11:32 PM

Now see, everyone is sort of missing the point. I think this guy is a great guy and everything (and definitely swoon-worthy), but really, I just think it would be interesting to be friends with him. No one believes me when I say that, though.

Posted by: Highwaygirl at March 22, 2004 01:04 PM
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