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May 27, 2004

Erin Go Quack

Just a li'l duck update. 'Cause I know you want one.

There's still eight little ducklings toddering about, as of yesterday evening. I came home for lunch yesterday and as I was leaving to go back to work, I went out back to look for the family. They were eating insects pretty close by, so I stood under a tree and watched. As soon as the mama spotted me she started leading the kids up the bank towards the tree where I throw down the seed.

The ducklings must understand that tree = food at this point, because they started running in front of her to get to the area. Baby ducks running and leaning forward? SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute.

Has anyone out there been to Ireland? I'm planning a trip there in September and would like to hear travel stories (good and bad).

Posted by Highwaygirl on May 27, 2004 06:38 AM to the category Animals