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September 03, 2004

Letters To, Well, Not Cleo

I get some very interesting e-mails in a given week. Most are from friends, but some are from people who have visited this site and for one reason or another decided to contact me (which I enjoy, don't ever be shy about e-mailing me).

I was trying to think of what to write about today but I'm coming up blank at the moment (actually I'm having a major internal conflict with myself. Like Helm's Deep, only ... prettier, with less gore), so instead I will give you some of the more poignant moments from a week's worth of e-mails.

No names will be revealed, except for the one quote that belongs to frazzledglispa (but I asked for permission, so it's OK).

I am going to go make me some maple and brown sugar oatmeal with skim milk. Because oatmeal with water is NARSTY.

Dirty girl! Yay!

I got to see your picture the other day and you are beautiful, too (as well as brilliant).

You have seriously raised my stature amongst my geekier friends.

BOO HOO. *points at river of tears* Sad, no?

It's really important that you put yourself first. It's such a difficult thing to do.

Donal Logue? i have met him a few times over the last several years and he is a very cool, very amusing, very real person.

People are horrible, so nasty to each other in the most casual ways. Not that everyone is that way all the time, but everyone has the potential to be, and moments when they are just vile, myself included. - frazzledglispa

Has anyone told you lately that you're the coolest?

People who are always happy and perky and bouncy make me want to kill myself and take them with me.

Now like, um, rub your balls for me and stuff.

Posted by Highwaygirl on September 3, 2004 03:39 PM to the category Geek Love
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