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September 10, 2004


From the It's About Goddamn Time file - Powell Says Rapes and Killings in Sudan Are Genocide. I guess better late than never. Oh who am I kidding? ARE YOU PEOPLE DEAF, DUMB AND BLIND?!?!? Nothing has changed in the Sudan over the last few months and just now ... just NOW ... the U.S. goverment has decided it constitutes genocide?!?

Was there some threshhold as to the body count that we needed to go over before we were willing to call this situation what it is ... what is has been all along? The Bush Administration should be ashamed of themselves for taking so damn long on this. And if they're not ashamed of themselves, I'll be ashamed of them myself.

*slams head on desk repeatedly*

Why does it appear to be so damn difficult for some politicians to do the right thing?

Anyway ... in news that doesn't make me want to RAGE, I read this on NYTimes.com this morning - The Duel Between Body and Soul. Do you believe in the concept of a soul? If so, do you believe that the soul is a separate entity from the body? According to this op-ed piece by Paul Gross, a professor of psychology at Yale, it is this dualism that will shape the scientific and religious thinking in the future.

Because your soul? Inextricably linked to your brain. Which means your soul is, in fact, corporeal.

As the Harvard psychologist Steven Pinker points out, the qualities that we are most interested in from a moral standpoint - consciousness and the capacity to experience pain - result from brain processes that emerge gradually in both development and evolution. There is no moment at which a soulless body becomes an ensouled one, and so scientific research cannot provide objective answers to the questions that matter the most to us.

The conclusion that our souls are flesh is profoundly troubling to many, as it clashes with the notion that the soul survives the death of the body. It is a much harder pill to swallow than evolution, then, and might be impossible to reconcile with many religious views. Pope John Paul II was clear about this, conceding our bodies may have evolved, but that theories which "consider the spirit as emerging from the forces of living matter, or as a mere epiphenomenon of this matter, are incompatible with the truth about man."

Really thought-provoking stuff. It's enough to make your brain go ...

Nah, I won't say it.

By the way, comments appear to be wonky this morning.

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