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September 14, 2004

Wave Your Foam Finger

I feel really, just, wonderful this morning. Yay, me! Go, me! *waves giant HWG foam finger*

My hair looks good, this new shirt looks good (french blue button down), I'm wearing the pointy-toed kitten heels that everyone compliments, and my body is practically vibrating. Those interval workouts kick my ass, but they're doing something to me.

Now I, too, am magically delicious!

And I've listened to "Walkie Talkie Man" twice already this morning. Everything is right with the world.

So in acknowledgement of that, I think I'm going to post something super-ultra-positive and happy today. And I would like you to join me. Yes, even you, the lurker who just reads and never comments. This is going to seem incredibly cheesy and sappy and optimistic, but ...

What are five things you really like about yourself? I'll start:

1. I'm independent - I value the opinions of the people that I'm close to, but ultimately, I make my own decisions. And I have no problem doing social things (like going to movies, or a restaurant) by myself.

2. I'm a thinker - I like to ponder. I like to think about issues and discuss them with my friends ... especially if the friend has a different take on the issue than I do.

3. My eyes - I have really pretty dark brown eyes. Just like a baby seal. (I had to make at least one of the five things superficial.)

4. I love to learn - This is a quality that I'm so happy my parents instilled in me, because it keeps life interesting.

5. I feel things deeply - Sometimes too deeply, but I'd rather be like I am than the alternative (cold and detached). I really like that I can be moved, or affected, by seemingly simple and random things. Empathy is an underrated quality.

Posted by Highwaygirl on September 14, 2004 08:35 AM to the category Stuff About Me

God,that many things?


1. I'm financially independent, and have been for many years. I am a happy medium between saver and spender, and I do both very well.

2. I speak two languages fluently, without an accent, and understand a fair bit of a third.

3. I'm pushing 30 and FINALLY have clear skin. I love looking in the mirror most days, which was very much not the case for the majority of my life.

4. I'm following my dreams, and I concede that my dreams tend to change on a whim, but I keep changing course right along with them.

5. I'm happy with my life. Sure, it could be more eventful, and my social life could stand some improvement, but the bottom line is that I'm happy to be me today.

Posted by: rappy at September 14, 2004 09:01 AM

1)I don't look 34, or even 30.
2)I have a job I love
3)Good hair and all of it
4)I'm a free thinker
5)I'd like to say I have clear skin, but i can't.I will say I'm in great shape and getting better all the time.

Posted by: Mike at September 14, 2004 07:17 PM

1. I'm no longer afraid to let my creativity show. I used to hide my artwork in school because a teacher once called a drawing rubbish.

2. I spoil my kitties tremendously.

3. I am the Queen of Useless Trivia.

4. I am working hard to have a healthier body.

5. I am a terrific auntie.

Posted by: neptune42 at September 14, 2004 09:32 PM

1. I always stand up for the underdog.

2. I'll do anything to help an animal and don't tolerate people who want to neglect or hurt them in any way.

3. I'm smart, but also smart enough to know there are a tremendous number of people out there who are far smarter than I'll ever be.

4. I'm a solid, loyal, and trustworthy friend who will always have your back.

5. I look very young for my age which comes in handy since I married a man 14 years younger than I am!

Posted by: Kyara at September 15, 2004 12:44 AM

Let's see...

1. No matter how much I may procrastinate, I get things done.

2. I'm good at my job. Really good.

3. I'm a good listener and I like to help people solve problems.

4. I've lost 40 pounds and I look good.

5. I can realize my own faults and I'm working to improve them.

Posted by: Nancy at September 15, 2004 09:29 AM

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