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October 11, 2004

Thousands of Words

Here are a bunch of photo galleries from my weekend trip to Michigan. Hold your mouse pointer over a photo thumbnail for a description.

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Beaker!Beaker in profileBeaker looking status quo (i.e. gorgeous)
Thumper thinks my shoes are coolThumper, akimbo - and a clue as to whom I was visitingThumper looking status quo (i.e. cuuuuute)
Thumper approves of the new tableThumper owns the tableBrunch in a rare quiet moment

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Pretty treesMo' pretty treesPretty trees are why I went
*climbs pretty trees*Pretty leaves, plus a cool rockI seem to have a fondness for stones
A stone dam in a ditchA flower in Jeff's front yardThe road may end, but that didn't stop me...

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On Saturday morning I climbed beyond the ROAD ENDS sign, and this is what I foundAnd yes, I chose this title for a reasonWe hiked the entire expanse of land
We brought hatchets and scythes in order to cut a pathOr maybe the path was already thereWe followed the path singing songs of adventure and wanderlust
I liked the leaves on this treeThe path leads into the woods, and I worry about the possibility of deer with malice on their minds 

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Somehow, this tan-colored tree frog was spotted amidst the ground coverWe gazed upon nature's lovelinessWe marveled at how skinny trees can be
We scampered down steep pathsAnd hoped we didn't get shot by deer huntersWe saw the tallest, prettiest Christmas tree ever!
The sun shines down upon our beatific countenance (or something)There were no animals in the woods, or so we thoughtYou can see how much I like pretty trees
Deeper and deeper into the abyss we goDid this tree make any sound?Isn't it cool how a plant can grow on a rock?
An old hunter's stand thing that has fallen to the groundThe ladder used to climb into the standEntering the heart of darkness
Not only is it real - it tried to kill me!This is the deer right before it charged at us, antlers blazingThe deer stopped in mid sprint to decide which of us to gore first

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The much loved (and now legendary) stone tableMany hours were spent arranging the stone tiles in the perfect combinationAll I wanted was to get a good shot of a black squirrel, but I was rudely denied
A view on the peninsula that is not M37 (NOT)Another view of the puffy clouds on the Not M-37 Peninsula 

Posted by Highwaygirl on October 11, 2004 07:37 PM to the category Stuff About Me

Oh my goodness. That middle picture of Thumper at the top is just too precious. Overg, you have some seriously darling cats!

Posted by: Jubileee at October 11, 2004 10:13 PM
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