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November 14, 2004

RIP Big Baby Jesus

There's been a flood of honoraria for the dearly, and recently, departed Ol' Dirty Bastard, late of the Wu Tang Clan (and prison). Apparently he was kee-razy. I downloaded a few ODB and Wu Tang Clan songs, in order to post a track in his memory, but ... well ... the lyrics are a little, how should we say? Rough.

So instead I give you the What Is Your Wu Tang Name? generator.

Mine is Ungrateful Ninja. I also did the names for certain other people:

Teem – My Cousin the Wife-Beatah
Roo – Sullen Choirboy
Rappy – Masta Cow
Nancy – Violent Toilet Thing
Mr. Magically Delicious – Fiendish Observational Comedian

I think Blurry's is the best. From henceforth he shall be known as ... Cybernetic Tiger.

(By the way, Teem made me post Nancy's name!)

Posted by Highwaygirl on November 14, 2004 10:32 PM to the category Geek Love

C'mon, Nancy's name is the BEST. Violent Toilet Thing! What in the hell IS that? Whatever it is, it is damn funny. Hahahahaha.

And, HEEEEEEE - my boss' Wu name? Embryonic Crusadah. Hahahaha.

Sniff. I'll miss Ol' Dirty. He once stole a pair of sneakers from some discount shoe warehouse when he was in town here a few years back, and got put in the slammer. Or something. But just the image of Big Baby Jesus running off with some Reeboks in hand is hilarious.

Posted by: Teem at November 14, 2004 11:28 PM

My nemesis' name is: Tha Eurythmic King of Nowhere.

Posted by: Highwaygirl at November 15, 2004 06:23 AM

Violent Toilet Thing? Heeeeee!! That's awesome. My personal favorite, though, is Teem aka My Cousin the Wife-Beatah.

Posted by: Nancy at November 15, 2004 07:08 AM

Wait. Why am I a choirBOY?

Shouldn't it be choirGIRL?

Or even ChoirBOYEEEEE?

Posted by: Roo at November 15, 2004 09:56 AM


Posted by: blurry at November 15, 2004 11:24 PM

If Judah has to be "Womanly Panther," I think you have to be a choirboy, Roo. It is your Wu-duty.

Inscrutable Drama Queen

Posted by: kicks at November 16, 2004 06:09 PM

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