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April 15, 2005


Bill Frist is an idiot.

I believe I dislike Frist, the cat killer/doctor who believes in diagnosis by VIDEO, even more than I dislike Tom DeLay. I mean, really - how clueless do you have to be to say that Democrats are "against people of faith" for blocking President Bush's judicial nominees?

And somehow, I don't think "faith" refers to those who are Muslim or Jewish.

I really liked this part: "The Democratic minority has blocked confirmation of 10 of President Bush's judicial nominees by preventing Republicans from gaining the 60 votes needed to close debate ... Dr. Frist has threatened that the Republican majority might change the rules to require only a majority vote on nominees...."

Arrogant twat.

Senator John McCain (R-Ariz.) is on record as saying he would vote against that measure. Which is why I LOVE HIM.

I used to love the X-Files. As much as I hate to admit it, the show started going downhill fast when David Duchovny left. I really loved Gillian Anderson, too, but the whole point of the series was the dynamic between Mulder and Scully, so once Duchnovy jumped ship the show lost its center.

However, I could have done without Duchovny being such a monumental ass about things. He left to pursue fame and fortune in the movies and gave all the world the impression that television - and Mulder - were beneath him. OK, can't really blame him for that. He's an ACTOR (say that with a flourish and a dramatic wave of the hand), that's what they do.

But it's kind of nice - schadenfreudelicious, if you will - that Duchovny has done a whole bunch of nothing since blowing off the X-Files. The New York Times sums up his new movie, "The House of D", thusly:

"The reasons to avoid David Duchovny's unwatchable coming-of-age drama can best be summarized in a simple declarative sentence. Robin Williams plays a retarded janitor."

My favorite Nascar driver is Kasey Kahne, and it's solely because he's dreeeeeeeamy. Apparently I'm not the only one to fall for the good-looks-as-marketing-ploy (nice photo of Kasey in that story, too).

*waves Kasey Kahne foam finger*

Posted by Highwaygirl on April 15, 2005 09:14 AM to the category Current Affairs

"How clueless do you have to be to say that Democrats are 'against people of faith' for blocking President Bush's judicial nominees?" Well, to begin, if one holds to a "religion" but doesn't hold to the tenets of his religion, he is not a person of faith, just a hypocrite. For instance, the tenets of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam strongly oppose abortion. Since Democrats are blocking nominees specifically on the basis of such tenets, Democrats oppose the very essence of people of faith. To the liberal, however, "faith" has nothing to do with a concrete set of beliefs inspired by deity, but is instead an emotive value that never threatens others with orthodoxy. In that sense you are right; people of faith are still clueless as to how their ideas and values are no longer legitimate, that those things no longer represent faith. How ignorant and mean-spirited of them.

Posted by: WR at April 17, 2005 02:57 AM
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