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May 11, 2005

Mount Nigel

Teem and I chatted through America's Next Top Model tonight, as usual. If you missed the episode, here is a summary:

Me: shit!!
Teem: oh oh!
Teem: there you are!
Me: what have I missed?
Teem: keenyah being a big old bitch
Teem: that's about it
Me: no shocker there
Me: is this a clip show?
Me: no
Teem: oh, and they have to do a african tribal dance in front of a huge audience
Teem: it's new!
Me: this isn't the final is it?
Teem: no
Me: ok
Teem: but it's obvious that tonight is keenyah's night to go
Teem: so we can *celebrate*
Me: *african tribal dances in celebration*
Teem: *waddles around*
Me: I like Kahlen
Teem: me too
Teem: I think she's my favorite, then naima
Me: yep
Teem: then like, 300 miles later, brittany
Me: shut up, fat keenyah
Me: keenyah's mouth is focked up
Teem: was keenyah always such a crackhead?
Teem: I don't remember this in earlier episodes
Me: she's gotten worse every ep
Me: mmm, Caress
Teem: *caresses you*
Me: *jumps on*
Teem: hee!
Teem: lee-roy!
Me: ooh, she has porked out
Teem: that's a good name
Teem: Bertini is kinda creepy
Me: just wait
Me: the white guy is hot hot hot
Teem: he is
Me: keenyah sucked on a LEMON
Teem: keenyah sucks
Teem: ewwwwwwwwww he's moaning!
Teem: he was more like grunting
Me: I want the white guy model
Teem: keenyah is full of herself
Me: brittany is a lush
Me: how!
Me: *holds up palm*
Teem: how!
Teem: heeee
Me: catfight!
Teem: britney is wise when she's drunk
Teem: hee
Me: UGH!
Me: *mute*
Teem: dude
Teem: there's a pig on my tv!
Teem: a pig with great eyelashes
Me: her reign of terror needs to end
Me: Trublend!! UGH!!
Teem: bleh
Teem: satan's thighs, dude
Me: almost a hint
Me: I hate keenyah
Teem: hey, me too!
Me: you rock, teem!
Me: I think it will come down to Naima vs. Kahlen
Teem: I hope so!
Teem: I would let nigel moan at me
Me: I would let Nigel do ANYTHING to me
Me: *eyebrow*
Teem: hahahaha
Teem: this is going to be hilarious
Me: Brittany looks like she's been punched in the face
Teem: she's looking a little worse for the wear
Me: Naima looks dead
Teem: yep
Teem: *poses on nigel*
Me: *climbs on nigel*
Teem: *mounts nigel*
Me: dammit
Me: waited too soon to make my move
Teem: hee
Me: too long
Me: HEE!
Me: <-- dork
Me: crap, Kahlen might go
Teem: noooooooooooooooooooo
Me: I love Kahlen too!
Teem: britney has been taking good pictures
Me: dammit
Teem: uh
Me: *scared*
Teem: it has to be keenyah!
Teem: cuz she's fat and stuff!
Me: oink oink
Teem: WHAT!
Me: Bye, Kahlen
Teem: fucking fucker
Me: kill! kill! kill!
Me: WHOA!!
Teem: wait!
Me: *screams*
Teem: oh!
Teem: naima is totally gone
Me: bye brittany?
Teem: mothrafocker
Me: it can't be naima
Teem: it is!
Teem: sumbitch
Me: but she's been the viewers' favorite 100 weeks in a row!
Teem: seriously!
Me: fire fire burning bright
Teem: I hate how tyra talks
Me: whew
Teem: whoa
Teem: poor brittany
Teem: we shoulda known
Me: keenyah sucks ass
Teem: since the ep concentrated on brit and keenyah
Teem: they are only keeping keenyah for the drama
Me: fine, look at the good
Me: then get off my screen
Teem: it's totally gonna be naima vs kahlen
Teem: heh
Me: naima wins this
Teem: *feels*
Teem: is next ep the last one?
Me: I think so, yeah
Me: two hours
Teem: I bet it's up against the Lost finale
Teem: *hugs tivo*
Me: *hugs it good*
Me: it's my lovah
Teem: hee!
Me: ick
Me: ok
Me: watch this
Me: the end
Teem: are you going to watch this?
Me: she looks like he just came on her face
Teem: yes!!!!
Me: am I watching it?
Me: I dunno
Me: are you?
Teem: =-O O==8

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