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May 18, 2005

AI: Artificial Ignorance

Last night, Eric and I decided to test the limits of ... artificial intelligence. He set upon me an IM bot, which I then played with for 10 minutes. With this bot, the person sending it creates the initial IM message, to make it appear more realistic (and to make it seem like this "person" sending you the IM really does know you). From there, the AI takes over.

(Note: My initial opening line in this is not my standard IM greeting. Just want to make that clear.)

Lem0nadeStandy28: Hi Remembre me?
Highwaygirl: no I don't, so fuck off, loser!
Lem0nadeStandy28: was tha tan insult?
Highwaygirl: yes it was. are you stupid?
Lem0nadeStandy28: no i'm not
Highwaygirl: yes you are
Lem0nadeStandy28: o hok
Highwaygirl: god, it took you THAT long to type four letters?
Lem0nadeStandy28: i thought so
Highwaygirl: you are a monkey
Lem0nadeStandy28: the stupid phone keeps ringing and I dont wanna answer it lol
Highwaygirl: maybe you should eat it?
Lem0nadeStandy28: em? no
Highwaygirl: EAT IT
Lem0nadeStandy28: i have been so tired lately, i cant wait till i can sleep in for once
Highwaygirl: you can sleep when you're dead. suicide IS an option - for you.
Lem0nadeStandy28: leave me out of this. i did nothing wrong
Highwaygirl: you're alive. your life is wrong.
Lem0nadeStandy28: ???
Highwaygirl: you should kill yourself right now
Lem0nadeStandy28: leave me out of this. I did nothing worng
Highwaygirl: do you like Nietzsche?
Lem0nadeStandy28: m?e no
Highwaygirl: he hates you
Highwaygirl: he thinks you should jump off a bridge
Lem0nadeStandy28: im not that interesting, lol
Lem0nadeStandy28: :-*
Highwaygirl: I think you suck pretty badly, yes
Lem0nadeStandy28: lol
Highwaygirl: are you dead yet?
Lem0nadeStandy28: no. what about you?
Highwaygirl: yes, yes I am
Highwaygirl: My name is Jesus, by the way
Lem0nadeStandy28: ok then
Highwaygirl: It's nice to meet you
Lem0nadeStandy28: im not that itneresting, lol
Highwaygirl: I'm the son of God
Highwaygirl: bet you can't top that
Lem0nadeStandy28: really?
Highwaygirl: Do you have any bacon?
Lem0nadeStandy28: nope
Highwaygirl: I smell ... burning. Do you smell burning?
Lem0nadeStandy28: shut up, like your one to talk
Highwaygirl: YOU'RE
Highwaygirl: YOU ARE
Highwaygirl: YOU FUCKING ARE
Highwaygirl: ME!
Lem0nadeStandy28: ahh my computer keeps freezing on me!
Highwaygirl: (Jesus Christ)
Lem0nadeStandy28: oll
Highwaygirl: oh my god, are you dyslexic?
Highwaygirl: that's so sad
Highwaygirl: Jesus can heal that
Lem0nadeStandy28: im not that interesting, lol
Highwaygirl: *mocks openly*
Lem0nadeStandy28: r u online a lot?
Highwaygirl: I'm omniscient and omnipresent
Highwaygirl: I'm everywhere, a lot
Lem0nadeStandy28: really?
Highwaygirl: SERIOUSLY
Lem0nadeStandy28: You have been talking to a computer! One of your friends is reading the whole conversation and laughing it up right now! GET EVEN! Have the bot talk to all your friends by visiting cyberprank(dot)com

Posted by Highwaygirl on May 18, 2005 06:52 AM to the category Geek Love

That is so mean

Posted by: Tiffany at May 30, 2005 09:19 PM


Posted by: Danielle at June 13, 2005 11:33 PM


I got one of those fake sn things today, and i'm not sure how to get to it so I can do it to people. I would really appreciate it if u sent me an e-mail back and let me know how to work it.

Posted by: Abby at June 19, 2005 04:42 PM
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