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Where, where to begin? Did you know that I have betta fish? Well, I do. I bought Otis Redding last summer, and added Louis Armstrong about four months ago. Louis recently bought the farm. I think he had Flex, a type of bacterial infection that is common in fish. Partly this was my fault, because I didn't do 100% water changes with him since I moved him and Otis into the tank-within-a-tank setup. My uncle Scott gave me a five-gallon tank for Christmas, which made this possible.

So anyway, Louis got sick and about seven days and $50 in fish medications later, he died. I cried over my poor dead fish, even though I never felt like he and I had really bonded. Yes, I know. Bonded? With a fish? Yes, it's possible. I love Otis. He's a pistol. He has a personality; he comes to the side of his tank to greet me when he sees me, and he does his little wiggle dance in order to impress me. He's stinkin' cute, I tell ya.

And now that I'm feeding him bloodworms, he is oh-so-happy.

I got a raise at work and a very positive annual review. Happy, happy, joy, joy. Mo' money is always sweet, and I truly deserve it. Of course, that raise will be going towards my new car payment. Oh yeah, on January 18 I bought a new Saturn - a silver blue L200. I had gone to the Saturn dealer to get the oil changed on my SL1, and five hours later left with a new car. I had meant to just get information on turning in my car - I had three payments left - but I got a great deal on a new one. And I love it - bigger engine, better sound system, more room, tinted windows, lots of extras. I'm very happy with my new Supercar.

I renewed my apartment lease, too. They finally fixed the problem that made my patio flood, so now I'm almost 100% happy with my apartment. It only took them 10 months to fix it, but hey, it's now fixed. The only problem now is that I've broken the garbage disposal by letting fish gravel go down the drain, then running the disposal. But this is why I rent - it's not my responsibility to fix it.

What else has happened ... hmm ... my mom had back surgery on December 26 and is slowly recovering. Alex turned seven and it truly a remarkable, wonderful, sweet kid. And a quarterback on his peewee football team. OH! Speaking of football - how 'bout them Bucs?

Last bit of news in this update - I bought a new betta this week for my office. His name is Sir Squishy.

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