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SECOND UPDATE: Two updates in one day? Unprecedented! Here's a photo of a drawing (which is not my property, so DO NOT STEAL IT) that someone has submitted for a Hamster Time t-shirt:
Hamster Time graphic

LOOKIE HERE! I'm actually updating my website. We're being hosted through, since my friend Phil has now gone into business as a webhost. But he gave me four free years, so ... Thanks again, Phil.

New images for you! We've got the newest addition to my family, Otis Redding (a betta fish); a gift from a friend in honor of Hamster Time, and some photos of my new suede couch slipcover (and new Pier 1 pillows).

After clicking on thumbnail, move your mouse from the white portion of the browser over the photo in order to see a button in the lower right corner that allows you to further enlarge the image.

Otis ReddingKung Fu Hamster
Red suede slipcoverDawsey on new slipcover

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