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Television Without Pity: What was MBTV is now TWoP - spare the snark, spoil the network. Avoid if you don't like sarcasm.

Looking Good: One of the EZboards I administrate. Don't visit unless you're fully prepared to be sucked in.

Makeup Alley: Where I go to unload all the stuff I don't want anymore.

Obscure Store and Reading Room: Kinda like News of the Weird, only better.


Tragically Hip: The band that started it all, and is responsible for the name of this site. Read my Hip FAQ while you're at it.

Travis: Another favorite, and notable for having lots of extras on their site.

Idlewild: Or maybe I just like bands from Scotland.


Webmonkey: The best site for learning how to develop your own website. I learned basic XML and stylesheets using the tutorials here.

Devhead: Another good web development source, brought to you by the trained apes at ZDNet.

Univox Converter: When you find a good RGB to HEX converter, you should hold onto it.


Bob the Angry Flower: Further proof that Canadians are kind of odd. As if you needed more proof.

Lonely Planet: Where I go to read about all the places I'll probably never get to while I'm young and can still enjoy them. Like New Zealand. And maybe even Ireland.

Entertainment Weekly: Because sometimes I'm really, really bored.

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