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October 27, 2003

Weekend Update

Sometimes I forget I have this thing.

So. The weekend. I didn't do much that was important. In fact now that I'm trying to remember what I did, I can't remember. I know at some point I watched 28 Days Later. I also watched episodes of The West Wing and Law & Order that I had taped. I chatted with friends, both on the phone and online. I talked to my mommy. I did laundry, bought groceries, bought the components of Boo Blend birdseed (dove seed, cracked corn, black oil sunflower seeds, and trail mix for birds), got the oil changed on my car (and had the recall stuff done while I was there - yes, the 2003 Saturn L-series was recalled). I watched a few eps of I Love the 80s Strikes Back on VH-1.

And I played with the cats.

It didn't get cold yesterday like it was supposed to, which makes me peevish and crabby. So I consoled myself today with the purchase of Bobbi Brown Shimmering Tube Tints. A set of four for $20. Which is a bargain if I do say so myself.

But in going to Saks on my lunch hour, I used up my time to procure and eat food. Luckily I had a thing of Campbell's Soup In Hand (blended vegetable) in my desk, along with a packet of saltines from Wendy's. So I had that, but, well, I am still freakishly hungry. So I just ate a fruit cup. That's not really holding me, though, and there is a big huge thing of candy over on Melissa's desk (including miniature Milky Way, Snickers, Twix, Kit Kat, 3 Musketeers and other stuff).

But I will not be weak. Besides, I already had four this morning.

Other miscellaneous stuff - I have painted my fingernails with OPI London Bridge Is Falling Brown, and they are very pretty. I'm listening to Las Ketchups' "Asereje" and I have a headache and I'm sleepy.

Posted by Julie on October 27, 2003 04:51 PM to the category Day In the Life

"I am freakishly hungry." -- oh, I am so stealing this. No TM, no nothing. Outright theft, cuz it so describes my last, oh, 30 years.

Posted by: lifeonhold at October 27, 2003 07:35 PM
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