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November 13, 2003



Tomorrow's high temp is 71!!!!!!!!

SEVENTY ONE!!!!!!!!!!!

I can actually wear long sleeves! And sleep with the windows open!!!

*runs around office screaming*

So here's something interesting and bizarre I learned today. I'm having to do some research into the types of visas foreigners have to obtain in order to work in the U.S. There are two main visas to accomplish this - the H-1B and the L-1. I'm not going to explain the differences, so ...

The H-1B visa is for three specific classes of workers. It is for (and this quote is from the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service):

Petition for alien to perform services in a specialty occupation, services relating to a DOD cooperative research and development project or coproduction project, or services of distinguished merit and ability in the field of fashion modeling. (my emphasis)

Okay - fashion modeling needs to be singled out? And not only that, it has to be fashion modeling of "distinguished merit and ability." So does that mean that only really really good models get let in to the country? If you're a crappy model, we keep you out?

Here's more:

(C) Beneficiary's requirements. A petitioner may establish that a beneficiary is a fashion model of distinguished merit and ability by the submission of two of the following forms of documentation showing that the alien: (Revised 8/15/94; 59 FR 41818 - 41842)

(1) Has achieved national or international recognition and acclaim for outstanding achievement in his or her field as evidenced by reviews in major newspapers, trade journals, magazines, or other published material;

(2) Has performed and will perform services as a fashion model for employers with a distinguished reputation;

(3) Has received recognition for significant achievements from organizations, critics, fashion houses, modeling agencies, or other recognized experts in the field; or

(4) Commands a high salary or other substantial remuneration for services evidenced by contracts or other reliable evidence.

It just stuns me that someone in the federal government gave this any thought at all. It's depressing, really.

There's also separate visa classes for movie stars (O1) and rock stars (P1).

Posted by Julie on November 13, 2003 03:51 PM to the category Randomness

Man, those credit card people are really weird about who they'll give their cards to.

Posted by: overg at November 13, 2003 04:04 PM

I think it's a nicer way of saying, "No skanks, thanks."

Posted by: Keli at November 13, 2003 04:57 PM
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