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November 14, 2003

The Beautiful Lull

Guh. It's Friday. I should be happy, right? So why is it that all I can think about is going home and either a.) immediately taking a nap, or b.) going to bed at 9?

This afternoon is dragging. So I will spend my 15-minute afternoon break writing to you, the person I love most in the world.

By the way - Teem says "hi!" Well, actually, she didn't. I told her that I was going to go write an entry for my journal and this is what she replied:

Teem: make it teem-centric, 'kay?
Heewig: ok

Did you know that I gave Teem her name? And I gave Rappy her name, too. And Proo as well. I'm sorry, though, because right now I don't have the energy to link their names to their journals. But you can find them over there *points to the right* under "Friends."

Anyway, so I can never think of a good nickname for Overg, despite the fact that I talk to him on the phone a lot. And don't think he doesn't complain and whine about it, because he does. So I always say to him, "But Overg, a good nickname can't be rushed. And it has no meaning if it's forced. So patience, my little friend. All things in good time."

Oh, and I call Tsylyst "Sweetpea." But he's never around anymore, so screw him.

Okay, so, tomorrow? I had planned on going to the MAC store at Old Hyde Park to return the empty blush palette I bought by mistake. But I can only get store credit (no receipt) and I don't really want anything MAC right now. *sigh* I must be coming down with something.

I also intended on going to International Plaza. Because I wanted to go to L'Occitane, The Body Shop, Bath & Body Works, Nordstrom, and Harry and David (for, hopefully, a restock of the Skinny Moose Munch that I bought when Jen and I went down to Ellenton Outlets and ran across the Harry and David outlet).

But now I just feel apathetic and bleh and I don't really care about going to the mall because I am for the most part done with holiday shopping and so I don't *need* to buy anything (except this Elsa Peretti J initial pendant at Tiffany's, but I'm not going to buy that until I hit my weight goal)(or Valentine's Day).

So maybe I'll just stay home tomorrow and clean my apartment.

Posted by Julie on November 14, 2003 04:12 PM to the category Day In the Life

And who gave you YOUR name, Heewig? Huh? HUH? Someone VERY SPECIAL!

Posted by: Teem at November 14, 2003 04:37 PM

Hey! I'm always here...I'm just the strong and silent type.

I think you should call Overg The Big O...or G-Funk-ElectricoDaddyCat

Posted by: Tsy at November 14, 2003 06:43 PM

"Anyway, so I can never think of a good nickname for Overg, despite the fact that I talk to him on the phone a lot [AND have known him longer than anyone else mentioned above, AND despite the fact that he has come up with literally dozens of nicknames for me, all of which show an obvious fondness and affection for me or knowledge of my personality AND despite the fact that I find him totally dreamy and write his name on my trapper keeper]."

Boy, you said it HWG.

Posted by: overg at November 14, 2003 08:29 PM

I should get a new nickname. Nobody uses the one I have anyways.

Posted by: Mike at November 15, 2003 07:04 PM

Me? Yes, I do have a nickname, thankyouverymuch.
You'll have to go to HT to see it, though!

Posted by: grace at November 16, 2003 07:13 PM

Yeah, I have a nickname .. I could tell you .. but then I'd have to kill ya. ;-) ~TVJ~

Posted by: TVJunkie at November 17, 2003 08:52 PM

Hmm...it was you who gave me the name PRoo?? Why did I think it was tsylyst? But I believe you! No, really!

Posted by: Roo at November 19, 2003 10:43 AM
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