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December 15, 2003

Bank None

A recap of Sunday's festivities:

The rain cleared by the time I got down to Alex's house, although it was still a grey, overcast day. But we had a very good time wishing Happy Birthday! wishes for Alex (who will be 8 on December 16).

I gave him a gift card to Barnes & Noble as well as a copy of Roald Dahl's Danny the Champion of the World. I chose that title because it seemed like a nice story about a boy and his dad, and since Alex severely loves his dad, I thought this would be the best book to get him into Dahl (one of my favorite authors, for kids and adults alike).

My mom and stepdad got Alex a Yu-Gi-Oh! set - turns out that is the big thing with 8 year olds these days (so I know what I'm getting Alex for Christmas!). The set was of three Yu-Gi-Oh! characters, and all were fairly nasty looking - Pumpking King of the Pumpkins, Armored Zombie, and Crass Clown (think Pennywise from Stephen King's IT miniseries, only more pissed off. Much more).

My father's gift was a remote controlled airplane, which Alex wanted to fly right away. But alas, it needs a bigger area than his backyard, until he learns to control it properly.

Alex's mom and dad got him Mario Kart Double Dash, which Alex proceeded to kick my ass in. Twice.

We had cake (mmm, cake) and I picked six navel oranges from their tree (mmm, tree).

Then I went over to my mom's house so she and I could lay the smack down on BankOne. Some of you heard my tale of woe in chat on Saturday - they raised my credit card (which is through my mom) APR, from 16.99% to 18.99%. The guy claimed the raise was to "remain competitive." Whatever.

So with my mom's Social Security number (for identification purposes) in hand, I called to talk to a "rate specialist." I get her on the phone, and our conversation goes like this:

Me: "I've been getting a lot of offers from other credit card companies with lower interest rates. I've had great service from BankOne, so I'd like to stay with you, but the difference in my current interest rate with these lower ones is quite significant."

Rate Specialist: "What kind of offers are you getting?"

Me, trying to think of a good interest rate: "They're for around 12.9%."

RS: "Well sure! We like to remain competitive (BUZZWORD ALERT!), so I'd be happy to lower your interest rate to 12.99%, that's blah blah blah variable prime blah blah higher on cash advances blah blah blah do you need balance transfers blah blah."

Me: "Thanks!" (internally, "DAMMIT, I should have asked for 8.9%!")

It was just that easy. I only wish I had noticed the rate hike back in July, when they did it.

The Illuminations Poundcake pillar candle I bought is making my living room smell lovely, and it's not even lit. Anyone know how to correct a candle that has started to "tunnel" (burn down the middle, not to the sides)?

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