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January 03, 2004


Heh, I haven't talked about the holidays at all.

So ... they were good! Christmas Eve at my grandmother's house with the extended family, Christmas morning at my mom's house, and Christmas afternoon at my brother's house. I got lots of nice things, including money, several gift cards to the mall, and a HEPA air purifier/filter (from my dad, to help with my weekend allergies)(awww). Overg sent me the DVD for the movie Clue (which I think I'm going to watch after I finish with you), Roo sent me the typewriter key initial necklace I have been salivating over (I tried to take a photo of it, but it's not cooperating), and Teem sent me a whole package of stuff that she picked up in Germany, including candy, a tealight holder, and my new monitor guardian, Spike.

And then Rappy totally blew my mind with her gift(s). She gave me some candles and a magnet from Israel, tealight holders from IKEA, a magnet from London, and this:


Noah Grey is a guy who takes beautiful photos, many in black and white. I stumbled upon his photo blog a few years ago and have always loved his work. I showed his site to Rappy earlier this year and she became a fan as well.

So imagine my surprise when I unwrap this beautiful, framed Noah Grey print of a highway road. It is absolutely perfect. I just hung it in my living room, but it's opposite the windows so I'll have to wait until night time to take a better photo of it.

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