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January 13, 2004

My CD Collection (2)

CDs for Tuesday, January 13 – Sugar, Toad the Wet Sprocket, Desmond Dekker, Soul Asylum, Fountains of Wayne

Sugar, Copper Blue – This is one of my most favorite CDs ever. Normally I skip the first song, "The Act We Act," but since I've got a no-skipping rule going, I am now listening to it. And you know what? It's really good! I don't know why I've been skipping it all these many years. This entire CD is amazing; it's the kind of CD that I can listen to over and over and not get sick of it at all. Every song is good, but my favorites are ... heh, I listed them and then realized I only left one song ("Fortune Teller") out. Just buy this already.

Toad the Wet Sprocket, Dulcinea – Just so you know, I've got eight Toad CDs in this binder. This selection is courtesy of Teem (16/4). I don't listen to this particular Toad CD all that much, but it's still good. Probably more skipable songs than most Toad CDs, though. It is noteworthy for the inclusion of "Fall Down," which the band played live for many years before recording it for an album. I never knew what it was called, but I LOVED it. So when I first bought this CD and listened to it, when the first notes of "Fall Down" started a practically drove off the road in excitement. I also like the triumverate of "Something's Always Wrong," "Stupid," and "Crowing" (tracks 3-5).

Desmond Dekker, Dekker – I can't remember why I bought this CD. Probably because I read that "Israelites" is a great song, and it is. Desmond Dekker is ... REGGAE MUSIC. Or ska, if you prefer. I also like the song "Licking Stick." Because I'm 12.

Soul Asylum, ...And the Horse They Rode In On – There was a time in my early 20s when I listened to Soul Asylum constantly. Of course, this was before singer Dave Pirner totally sold out by dating renowned starfucker Winona Ryder (breaking up with his longtime girlfriend to do so). Not coincidentally, it was right around then that Soul Asylum started to suck.

But there was a time - a glorious, beautiful time - when Soul Asylum did anything but suck. This release was the second of a three-album arc (bookended by Hang Time and Grave Dancers Union) that found the band in peak form. The music, the lyrics ... everything fits together perfectly. The disc starts a little slow, but the brilliance kicks in on tracks 3-5, "Veil of Tears" (I was recently considering taking the pain with the pleasure), "Nice Guys Don't Get Paid" (No one knows what's going on, but you've got to show up for yourself at the end of the day), and "Something Out of Nothing" (My desperate disposition keeps me itchin', keeps me wishin' for some shelter from within).

Feel free to skip track 6 but listen to track 7, "Brand New Shine," even though it sounds kinda hillbilly, because it has some great lines (One child plays with what another throws away). The next tracks are good, not great, but the disc wraps up with something fan-freaking-tastic - "All the King's Friends":

The papers read that the king is dead
The people said what we need instead
Is to be on our own
But people, they do the strangest things
You never know what they might do
When they are left alone
There's men without gods
And gods without men
And a spirit of which none of them can transcend
But something peculiar is happening
We should just be happy with just what we've got
And the problems should be too few to mention
But they're not

But I'm not going to recommend this one because I think that, if you're only going to have one Soul Asylum CD, it should be Grave Dancers Union.

Fountains of Wayne, Utopia Parkway – This will be good, because I haven't listened to this CD all the way through in forever. FOW isn't for everyone. Their lyrics can be a little goofy and cheesy. But here's the tradeoff that makes it all worthwhile - their songs are catchy as HELL. When I bought their debut, self-titled CD, I made a cassette tape of my favorite songs to play in the car. I had one song on the tape, like, 10 times. Because I liked it that much.

But this is their second CD, and it is apparently a love letter to their home state, New Jersey. Which I couldn't care less about, but hey! The songs are still good, and the standout tracks are "Red Dragon Tattoo," "Denise," "Troubled Times," and "Amity Gardens."

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