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January 13, 2004

Stupid Cute

8:10 AM
I apply J. Lo Glow perfume (I had a sample vial) and realize that is smells like ASS (ironic, eh?), and industrial-strength soap.

8:25 AM
Realizing that the smell of this crap is altering my DNA, I run downstairs to scrub my chest and neck with a wire brush.

8:33 AM
I return to my desk and apply Origins' Gloomaway perfume. Ah, blessed Gloomaway. You're always right, never wrong.

8:48 AM
HWG: Have you ever heard anything by Sugar?
raptorgirl: I've heard of Sugar, but haven't used it.
raptorgirl: their scrubs look awesome.
HWG: No no, the BAND
HWG: heh, I'm stealing this for an entry
raptorgirl: haha. SHUT UP!
raptorgirl: SURELY you understand the confusion, what with our CONSTANT TALK OF PRODUCT!

9:30 AM
Teem explains eBay selling and why I need to do it ("you will be rolling in dough"). Well, okay then! I have now resolved to put up at least two things for auction - my MAC 7 Eyes/Neutral palette (that was limited edition and is now sold out all over the place) and my Bobbi Brown Spun Gold lipgloss (also LE and unable to be purchased currently). I also might sell samples of my MAC Coco Beach pigment, which apparently go for $6 per 1/4 teaspoon. I could make at least eight samples with the amount I have left. *rolls in dough*

10:11 AM
I have my mid-morning snack - an apple - and peel off the Red Delicious 4016 sticker and put it on my jacket lapel. I remind myself to remember to take off the sticker before I go out to lunch.

11:12 AM
I walk around the upstairs of the office singing the chorus to Desmond Dekker's "Licking Stick" over and over. I come back to an IM from Roo that says "happy birthday to your husband!" After a few clicks on Google I confirm - it's Orlando Bloom's birthday! Well HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Orly! Please stay scorchingly hot, or I will drop you for the next flavor du jour so fast it will make your fake-Elven head spin.

12:22 PM
I heat up a thing of Campbell's Soup at Hand, Chicken with Mini Noodles flavor (1.5 points) as a snack, since I'm taking a late lunch. I look at the Nutrition Facts as I'm drinking it and see that this one serving has 41% of the RDA for sodium. I am appalled (but keep drinking).

12:45 PM
raptorgirl: WHY does my clipart program keep jamming?
HWG: because it's Jamaican?

3:05 PM
I am done eating my Teem Supreme from Subway. While at lunch I bought MAC Trax eyeshadow with the last of my Dillards gift card, and tried on the Chanel Jaipur Glossimer (which I didn't like)(too white-pink). While I was at the MAC counter, two girls got busted for shoplifting. I know this because the store security guard went sprinting past me and about a minute later was prodding two teenagers back into the store. Excitement!

Then I went to Payless and bought a pair of stupid cute shoes.

4:25 PM
HWG: god, Soul Asylum used to be SO good
Overgme: *runaway cabooses*
HWG: oh, even before that
HWG: the two releases prior
HWG: just awesome stuff
Overgme: but that's the only song I know
Overgme: *hums*
Overgme: I was too busy listening to Phil Collins before that
Overgme: :-P
HWG: I'll have to put an mp3 or two up on me site
Overgme: of Phil?
Overgme: yay!
Overgme: taaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaake
Overgme: taaaaaaaaaaaaaaaake me home
Overgme: *hugs you in joy*
HWG: you am unsane
Overgme: and you are living in the land of confusion
Overgme: burn!
HWG: this is the gayest I've ever seen you
Overgme: it is not!
Overgme: er
Overgme: um

Posted by Highwaygirl on January 13, 2004 06:58 PM to the category Day In the Life


*Hugs Sugar*

You know, rappy, if I can't change your mind then no one can.

And those shoes ARE stupid cute...especially with your snowflake jammies!

Posted by: Roo at January 13, 2004 09:19 PM

The jammies! I totally forgot I was wearing them when I took the photo, but then I decided that the snowflakes-and-racing-stripes look was one that I could definitely pull off.

Posted by: Highwaygirl at January 14, 2004 06:36 AM
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