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June 09, 2004

Do You Have Nibbles? (II)

Or, God, Paris really sucks. And so does Helen. Mmmmbop!

And then we went off to see Troy. My interest in seeing the movie was in drooling over Eric Bana, and secondarily swooning over Orlando Bloom. Brad Pitt does nothing for me, so Teem got him all to herself. We shared Orly. I'm not sure who Nancy thought was most attractive.

So we buy our tickets and head in. Nibbles snuck in for free under cover of purse. During the pre-show entertainment, Nibbles got a little surly when an ad for a Phish concert popped up on the screen. We threatened to muzzle him, so he shut up.

All-in-all, I liked the movie for its eye candy. The acting, not so much. Eric Bana was fan-freaking-tastic in every way (hot, good acting, BIG MANLY ARMS), and Brad was okay if you could overlook his craptastic "Greek" accent (which sounded for all the world like a bad English accent). Orly, well ... he is and always will be The Pretty. But his character, Paris, sucked. Paris sucks! I said that several times during the movie. Plus, it seemed like Orly only had two facial expressions in the film - pleading (complete with "sexy" eye squinting) and cowering (like when he clinged to Hector's leg ... not that I can blame him, because I would cling to Hector's leg if given the chance, too).

Nibbles begins to RAGE! at Phish
Little did we know that one of the Hanson boys had been cast as Achilles' cousin. And I kept being annoyed by the fact that Helen was often wearing uneven eye makeup (one scene she had eyeshadow on one eye but not the other, and in another scene she had the same mismatch with eye liner). There were two funny parts to the movie that I remember. During the Trojan horse scene, I turned to Teem because I was confused (paraphrasing):

HWG - "They can't possibly fit enough people in that horse to sack Troy with. This is dumb, I don't get it."
Teem - "Maybe they were really wee? Petite."
Soldier waves torch at top of tower
Teem - "Why is he doing that?"
HWG - "Why are they at the gate?"
Spartans on the beach see torch signal, charge down towards the gate, and are let in by the soldiers who snuck into Troy inside the horse
HWG & Teem, in unison - "Ohhhhhhhh."

Then there was an intense scene where the Spartans are burning down Troy, and King Priam is having this Big Meaningful Moment with Paris as he tries to get people to fight/flee (Hector is already dead at this point, so Paris is big man on the scene ... no wonder Troy fell), and all of a sudden Priam whips out this sword and points the tip of the blade at Paris ...

Which is when Teem made this sound that can best be described as the sound Scooby Doo makes when he's confused about something. That weird "huh?" sound, knowwhatImean? Anyway, Teem did that because I guess she was confused, but it was so funny in the context of the scene that both Nancy and I started cracking up.

After the movie we went into Nordstrom for a bit o' shopping. On the way to the movie we only had time to check out the new MAC Tantress collection (didn't wow me right then), but we wanted to look at Reef shoes and the Stila counter when we had more time.

I couldn't find my size in the Reefs, so I wandered around and found these other flip-floppy things called Flojos. And I wondered when Florence Griffith Joyner started lending her name to shoes. So I was looking for a size 10 in the black and couldn't find one and was disappointed. But then Teem found the size on another rack. Only the tag said "10" but the bottom of the shoe said "8". But I tried them on and they were clearly my size. So I took them to the counter to purchase them ($20!) and pointed out the discrepency, and the clerk told me that the 8 is in European sizing.

My shoes are foreigners! I've decided they are Spanish shoes, and they're pronounced "FLO-hoes."

An ironic sign at Plaza Azteca
Then we spent quality time at the Stila counter, trying on all the colors of the new Rouge Pots (which I really wanted), checking out the lip tints and eyeshadows and stuff. But no one bought anything. I'm not sure how we managed that. Oh! Teem said that we should just wait until Saturday when we were at Sephora to buy the jank. That's why we didn't make purchases then, because I really was thisclose to buying the Rouge Pot in Water Lily.

And then it was off to the infamous Plaza Azteca for dinner. I've only heard Teem talk about this place 95 bamillion times, so I had to see what the fuss was all about. We had chips and dips and salsa, and I got the Burrito Something dinner (two li'l burritos, one each of beef and chicken) and it was very good.

The restaurant had a bunch of knick-knacky signs hanging up all over the place (it was a converted Spaghetti Warehouse) and to my surprise, one of them was an homage to me!

Nibbles snacked on the chips all night long, but eventually helped himself to a little bit of Nancy's dinner.

Teem, Nibbles and Nancy after finishing dinner
After Plaza Azteca, Teem and I went back to her 'ome. Then I met her kitties! - Daisy (the big black one with amber eyes), Sophie (the fluffy pirate kitty), and Maya (the shy one). Teem gave me a tour of her house, I met her husband, Mr. Teem, and we hung out and talked. Right before bed we watched some of her Rick Steves Does Ireland (or something) DVD. She was right - Rick Steves is very (stereotypically) gay.

We went to bed not-too-late because we had to get up at 7 a.m. the next morning to prepare for our big trip to Washington D.C. to visit historical landmarks - the new World War II Memorial, and Blurry.

Posted by Highwaygirl on June 9, 2004 12:40 PM to the category Friends


Well who wasn't eye candy in that movie? Brad, Eric, Orlando, even Sean Bean who played Odysseus was hottt. But oh man, Paris was Teh Suck. As was Helen, so of the face who would launch absolutely no ships.

When Teem made her noise, I was confused too. I think we bought thought Priam was about to off himself. But I understood the soldiers in the horse letting the rest in.

And wow that is an unflattering photo of me. Well, an unflattering angle. I should have made you take another one.

Posted by: Nancy at June 9, 2004 01:03 PM

Your trip sounds like a lot of fun! Also, Rick Steves knows his stuff. He may be a little geeky, but hubby and I went on a trip to Europe two years ago and I used his guides to plan everything myself. It all turned out perfectly.

Couldn't they find anyone prettier to play Helen for crissakes? You'd think they would have at least tried. And Brad? Yep, that's one hot man.

Posted by: Kyara at June 9, 2004 02:30 PM

Hey Kyara! I have Rick's Ireland guide and think it's great. I just had never seen him "in person" before and had to giggle at his geekiness.

Posted by: Highwaygirl at June 9, 2004 02:46 PM

Yeah, I thought Priam was gonna stab hisself with that big sword! Which made me go, "WRHUUUNH?" because why would he do that?

He should have stabbed Paris instead! And then shaved off his pretty curly hair and given it all to me! Hmm. That's a little "ew".

Posted by: Teem at June 9, 2004 02:54 PM

Wait! The cousin was from Hanson? You mean he was that annoying drummer boy? Eeeeeeeeeeeeewwwww.

Posted by: rappy at June 10, 2004 09:33 AM

I want a Nibbles! (and a nibble of Orly! Yum!)

Posted by: Mandy at June 10, 2004 07:14 PM
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