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August 04, 2004

The One You Love

Overg: hahahahah
Overg: my rant is getting responses
Overg: in the DR
Overg: heheheheh
HWG: *runs*
Overg: you are going to go batshit crazy
HWG: jesus fucking christ
HWG: *gives up*
Overg: *victory dance*
Overg: 0 recaps, 2 loves
HWG: yes, you can have it all
Overg: *snort*
Overg: <-- laughing hysterically
Overg: well, I was trying to play bad cop for you
HWG: *responded*
Overg: *surprised face*
Overg: *runs*
HWG: *edits*
Overg: Marvin appears to be up now
HWG: hey, maybe you should change the box, Super Admin Man
Overg: first I have to read your post
Overg: hahahahha
Overg: 0 recaps
Overg: 3 loves
HWG: fuck this noise
Overg: *gloats*
HWG: that's all I have to say about that
HWG: you're not even as funny as I am!
Overg: that may be true
Overg: because you are damn near causing me to cry tears of laughter right now
HWG: and these people are OFF TOPIC
HWG: *mods*
Overg: in the dr?
Overg: *chokes*
HWG: *edits again*
Overg: the box is done
HWG: no way man
HWG: lookit you!
HWG: all Mad Mod Mofo
HWG: maybe you should post and take credit for that, hmm?
HWG: I'm closing that fucking mandana poll
HWG: and sending it to hell
Overg: hehehehe
Overg: raging Heewig!
HWG: once again, you do 25% of the work and get 75% of the love
HWG: and you STEAL LOVE that I should rightly get
HWG: you don't even fucking RECAP and you get LOVE!!!
HWG: al;sfhdialsfda;lsdfja lodjfqopejf o;qiwjefrpqrjewfipoqrh gfiqhrgfqieoagafpig
Overg: well . . .
Overg: if it makes you feel better
Overg: I was just referred to as "someone"
Overg: read General Discussion
HWG: screw these people, there will be no mo' Heewigcaps
Overg: nooooooooooooo
HWG: I think you need to kill Fez
Overg: although I'll bet that you still don't get 3 loves for not doing any
Overg: *grinning face*
Overg: <-- still laughing
HWG: I'll bet I should horrify you into a coma
Overg: you should?
HWG: *channels inner Master Shake*
Overg: heheheheheh
HWG: yes, SOMEONE is maaaaaaaad
HWG: SOMEONE is the boy everyone lovvvvvvvvves
Overg: hehehehehheheheh
HWG: hey I know! I will do the opposite of what everyone else does!
Overg: *holds tummy cause it hurts to laugh so much*
HWG: maybe you can get some of your fans to hold it for you
Overg: *offers tummy*
Overg: you are my number one fan
HWG: I don't even like you
Overg: just as I am yours
Overg: awww, that's too bad
Overg: I like you a lot
HWG: *happy face*
HWG: okay, I like you again
HWG: well, some
HWG: *pouts*
Overg: *reads up*
Overg: *wipes tears of laughter from eyes*
Overg: your rant was hilarious
HWG: I would post it if my FUCKING SITE WORKED
Overg: awwwww
Overg: *frowny face*
HWG: I will save it for later
Overg: you should save it
Overg: yes
Overg: *peapods*
HWG: if they don't fix my site tonight I'll have to switch to something else anyway
HWG: *two happy faces*
HWG: that's us
HWG: well, actually
HWG: this is us
HWG: *grinning face & angry face*

Posted by Highwaygirl on August 4, 2004 06:38 AM to the category Friends
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