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October 12, 2004

Girls on Film

HWG: *skips*
HWG: his mouth isn't normally that ... big
Roo: and you would know
Roo: *raises eyebrow*
HWG: "waves coquettishly", hahahahaha
HWG: I didn't know what category to put him in, so "Celebrity Crush" is it
Roo: Julie...he's seriously cute!
Roo: I seriously was shocked
HWG: he looks almost exactly like Ryan (my Canadian ex-boyfriend)
Roo: the way you talk about him, I thought it was probably the guy on the left
HWG: I definitely have a type
HWG: the way I talk about him?
Roo: he's like tall...and a hot body
HWG: 6-4
Roo: he's yummy
Roo: and you can tell him I said so
Roo: and he has pretty teef

Roo: and you have SEX with him? Lucky girl!
HWG: he has lots of teef
Roo: *stops staring*
HWG: big teef
HWG: he doesn't usually look that geeky
HWG: *stares*
Roo: *smack*
Roo: what the hell?
HWG: he doesn't!
Roo: stop being so critical!
Roo: he's YUMMY!
HWG: he's got bass mouth!
Roo: I'm seriously developing a crush
HWG: I'm going to tell him you thought he'd be the guy on the left
Roo: yeah, that's because you don't talk him up enough
Roo: so you tell him that it's YOUR fault


Roo: it's too bad that he's not a practicing Catholic anymore
Roo: he'd be a hot priest
Roo: a Father What a Waste, or as I prefer, Father YumYum
HWG: Father What a Waste, hahahahahaha
Roo: he has definitely earned the EEEEEEan title
Roo: he has pretty lips
Roo: doesn't it make you feel good that we're all drooling over your boyfriend???
HWG: I don't even think that's a good photo of him, though
HWG: he's squinty!
Roo: wow
Roo: he's laughing! and happy!
HWG: he's adorable, though
HWG: and tall, mmmmmmmmmm
Roo: the other guy looks like he's laughing, too
Roo: the person taking the photo must have said "Say chlamydia!"
HWG: I'm sure that was it


Roo: Ian has nice arms
HWG: he has a nice everything
Roo: and I like the way his thumb is just casually hooked in his pocket
Roo: *jealouses*
Roo: *gin blossoms*
Roo: I fell in love with him when I just heard his name
Roo: well, he's a lucky boy!
HWG: he is, 'cause I'm fabulous
Roo: because he gets a hottie, too!
HWG: he's prettier than me
Roo: pshaw
HWG: I'm smarter than him
HWG: it balances out
Roo: hahahaha!
Roo: no, you're beeyootiful


Roo: oooh! lava has flowed to the surface of MSH!
Roo: *runs to volcano cam*
HWG: yay!!!
HWG: link me!
Roo: http://www.fs.fed.us/gpnf/mshnvm/
HWG: smoke!
Roo: and where there's smoke...
Roo: there's LAVA!
HWG: hahahaha
Roo: I'm in a mood today
HWG: I can't picture a "lava dome"
Roo: I'm glad it doesn't show how stressed I really am!
HWG: you are in rare form today, me pretty
Roo: too bad it's not a java dome
Roo: then people could line up with their mugs!
HWG: I went to Chick Fil-a for lunch today and the people inside were dressed like pirates and wenches
Roo: and it's in Washington, where they love them some coffee
HWG: I almost called Tiff
Roo: heeeee! really?
HWG: yeah, I don't know why, though
HWG: java dome!
HWG: two mug enter, one mug leave
HWG: you know what word I really like?
Roo: yes!
Roo: good word!
Roo: and it's fun backwards too!
HWG: I like saying it over and over
HWG: magmamagmamagma
HWG: maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagmaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Roo: ooh! try saying it in a voice like Animal from the Muppets!
HWG: I'm going to journal some of our convo today
Roo: oooooooor in a really midwestern, MinnesOHta accent
Roo: you are? You've been a journaling freak today!
Roo: but you can't! because EEEEEEEan must stay at the top!
Roo: he LIKES it on top!
Roo: *eyebrow*
Roo: I apologize. I obviously have an unhealthy interest in your boyfriend.
Roo: *hangs head shamedly*
HWG: Erika! My word!
HWG: I won't be journaling THAT
Roo: hee
Roo: was I right?
Roo: slap me!
HWG: *slap*
Roo: thank you!
Roo: geez
HWG: *snort*
Roo: *calls priest to make appointment for confession*
Roo: no, but seriously....
HWG: I'll tell you if he likes that in this next line, which I will not journal:
HWG: censored
HWG: *gasps*
HWG: *covers face*
Roo: *girly bathroom giggle*


Roo: where was his photo taken?
Roo: is he out of town?
HWG: oh, I didn't tell you? he's in Boston for two weeks.
HWG: business trip
Roo: ah yes...I wasn't sure if he was there yet
Roo: awww, you miss him!
HWG: well, mostly. he's also seeing his family.
HWG: I do!
Roo: God, a Boston Catholic family
Roo: be still my heart
Roo: he's like a freaking Kennedy
Roo: just kidding
Roo: but he is emailing you and telling you he wuvs and misses you?
HWG: not the wuv part
HWG: I called him after I called you on Thurs
Roo: when he sends you an email, how does he sign off?
HWG: and he's all like, "if you get there and you're unhappy, call me and I'll come running over."
Roo: awwww
HWG: "literally, because I'm a runner"
Roo: hahaha
HWG: he signs off ...
HWG: "all yours, Ian"
Roo: NO
Roo: HE
HWG: *beams*
Roo: UGH
Roo: hee
HWG: are you going to vomit?
Roo: no! that's totally sweet and so sincere
HWG: you hate me now, don't you?
Roo: a little

Posted by Highwaygirl on October 12, 2004 09:12 PM to the category Friends

Man. It looks much worse when you read everything I said. Unhealthy obsession, indeed. I'm going to blame it on Teem and her romance novels though! I can't help it! I'm a leaping spinster!

Posted by: Roo at October 12, 2004 10:13 PM

It's not unhealthy, it's FUNNY. *locks arms with Roo and skips through the daisies*

Posted by: Highwaygirl at October 13, 2004 06:27 AM

Oh my word, y'all, I'm cracking up just reading this. Too funny!

I heart Roo and Heewig!!

And clearly, your man does not have enough brothers to go around. The line forms to the left, ladies.

Posted by: Nancy at October 13, 2004 08:38 AM
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