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October 13, 2004

You Say Potato

I'd forgotten how interesting Dr. Deborah Tannen's theories on male vs. female communication styles are to me. She wrote an opinion piece in the New York Times yesterday that talks about Bush's reluctance to admit mistakes, what this might mean to female voters, and places it in the greater context of differences in how each gender communicates.

But refusing to apologize infuriates women because that makes it seem as if the guy doesn't care that he let her down, and if he doesn't care, there's no reason to think he won't do it again.

...Most women don't regard admitting fault as a liability. Instead, they value it as a sign of caring - and a necessary prerequisite to maintain credibility.

I have Dr. Tannen's book, You Just Don't Understand. I read it when it was first published - it was a gift from my father - but I should probably read it again.

Other assorted interesting reads:

Paul Krugman outlines the lies Bush will probably try to spin in tonight's debate, and rebukes them out of hand.

The Supreme Court is reviewing the constitutionality of the execution of juvenile offenders. The NYTimes steps up with a good editorial on the subject, basically asserting that lower courts have ruled that the execution of juveniles under 18 "no longer reflect(s) the nation's thinking." I also think it's fascinating that the justices have explicitly stated that they will be taking international opinion on the issue into account.

The Federal Trade Commission has begun to bitchslap Spyware purveyors. As someone who spent hours dealing with that god forsaken "begin2search.com" toolbar that took over my browser a few weeks ago, I can only say that it's about freaking time.

You suck, Sanford Wallace!

Speaking of sucking ... here's hoping Bush goes down in tonight's final campaign debate.

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