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October 14, 2004



yearnˇing (yűr'n'ng)
A persistent, often wistful or melancholy desire; a longing.

Clover is messing with my head. Not purposely, but his absence - one week and counting - is proving to be rather ... agitating? Distressing? I guess this is what happens when you see someone almost every day for six weeks and then suddenly go without them. It is unfun.

We're young and free in America. How dare we be spun by love or the lack of same?

I was searching for something on the site, and one of the search results was this random update entry. I should do more of those; they fun. And they mention most of my friends.

Anyway, I noticed that in that entry I had linked to my biorhythmic compatibility scores with my old crush, Matthew Settle. So I just did them for me and Clover and hot damn! No wonder I miss the boy so much.

Somebody tell my head to try to tell my heart that I'm better off without you

HWG: okay, I really like this Dixie Chicks song
HWG: which means I should probably be shot
Rappy: *hands over gun*
HWG: enabler

Posted by Highwaygirl on October 14, 2004 09:01 AM to the category Day In the Life
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