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October 14, 2004

Special Delivery

Alrighty, I received this cryptic email from Clover and I'm not quite sure what it means. Interpretations - realistic or otherwise - are welcome.

I'm sending you something tonight, which you can take delivery of sometime before 9:30 p.m. It's direct from Boston, and I think you'll like it.

I'm thinking it's a fistful of teabags. Or baked beans. It's not him, as Roo suggested, because he has a meeting tomorrow morning. Fed Ex delivers that late, I think. I just have no idea what things are synonymous with Boston.

Posted by Highwaygirl on October 14, 2004 02:37 PM to the category Celebrity Crush

Well. I also suggested it was a red sock! Or Larry Bird! Mmmm, maybe it's Tom Brady! Yum.

I'm standing by my first idea, though. It's totally Ian. Yay!

Posted by: Roo at October 14, 2004 04:11 PM

Aren't lobsters popular in New England? Maybe he's sending you a live lobster?

If it's him, I'm going to have to EEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee a lot!

Posted by: Nancy at October 14, 2004 04:35 PM

My first thought was BOSTON CREAM PIE! But I dunno, that would be hard to mail.

Maybe he's sending you some magnets?

Or maybe just some flowers? That would be kinda lame, though.

Posted by: Teem at October 14, 2004 06:44 PM

Matt Damon with a side of Ben Affleck?

Posted by: Kristi at October 14, 2004 06:55 PM

Aww, magnets! I hadn't thought of that, but he does know that I don't yet have any from Boston, so ...

Posted by: Highwaygirl at October 14, 2004 07:04 PM
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