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October 21, 2004

Man 1, Bank 0

I'm going to post entry after entry in order to fix the spacing on the site. Three days with no posting makes Highwaygirl.com something something.

Rappy decided to talk to me today. She's been shunning me since she moved to Israel. I guess she's all caught up in slutting out with hot Israeli men, just like she promised to do. Rappy? Is my idol.

By the way, this stuff? Is of the lrod.

Here's the proof that Rappy actually deigned to speak to me today:

HWG: this story never ends
Rappy: yes it goes on and on my friend
Rappy: some people started telling it not knowing what it was
Rappy: and they'll continue telling it forever just because
Rappy: this is a story that never ends...
Rappy: good god. This guy may need to look up the word parsimony
HWG: this guy needs an EDITOR
HWG: he should marry Assi
Rappy: hahaha
Rappy: I think I might have just fallen asleep.
Rappy: I don't recall the story being this long last time I read it.
HWG: oh my god, that story was so long that by the end I didn't care what happened
HWG: I just wanted it to be over
Rappy: hahaha
Rappy: I'm hesitant to say, but...
Rappy: word
HWG: guh
HWG: I have a headache now, too
HWG: I will now call GoDaddy
Rappy: *cheers*
Rappy: although I doubt that'll do anything to alleviate your headache
HWG: my estimated wait time is 14 minutes
Rappy: well, I'd imagine they have more than one unhappy customer
HWG: hahahahaha
HWG: Ian sent me a photo
HWG: he's slightly drunk
Rappy: oh?
HWG: *snort*
Rappy: send me!
HWG: hold on, he asked me to crop the other people out of it
HWG: except his best friend
Rappy: dude, I'm not going to post it
Rappy: plus I need to check out his friends
HWG: yeah, I know. but he asked me to.
Rappy: since Roo just claimed Kieran
HWG: okay, gmail?
Rappy: yep
HWG: done
Rappy: dude, you should be paying *me* to read your endless fucking story.
Rappy: jesus.
HWG: I was off hold, now I'm ON hold again
Rappy: yowaz. he's even hotter drubnk.
HWG: that's how he normally looks for the most part
HWG: a little less sleepy-eyed
HWG: I think Sam's full name is something like Samaramathan
HWG: or something like that
HWG: Samari?
HWG: something
Rappy: try to say that a few times while drubnk
HWG: death is an option
Rappy: for godaddy, or Patrick Combs?
HWG: both
HWG: and this guy is way too enthusiastic
Rappy: haha
Rappy: make him kiss!
Rappy: your!
Rappy: ass!
HWG: well first he says, "did you reinstall MT again?"
HWG: and I'm like, noooooooooooo
HWG: I didn't do anything
HWG: okay, they apparently wanted clarification on whether or not I had installed MT again
HWG: but they never, you know, contacted me to ask
HWG: so now that they know THAT, they're looking into it again
Rappy: oh, good god. it's not enough people have to read this shit, but he wants me to pay him to watch him tell?
Rappy: whatever.
HWG: he's not cute enough for me to pay to watch him speak
Rappy: did you tell them that I'm having the same problem?
HWG: I told him I knew 4-5 other people in the same boat
HWG: *overdramatizes for effect*
Rappy: haha
Rappy: these people aren't too bright. I think one of the first things they teach in tech support school is "it's their fault, not ours"
HWG: okay, I just noticed that Ian's shirt is SHINY
HWG: I'm going to hope that's an effect of the flash
Rappy: haha
Rappy: dude, you could always reform him
HWG: I could rip that shirt off him and burn it
Rappy: damn, that *is* shiny
HWG: it's BLINDING now that I've noticed it
Rappy: that's not of the good

Posted by Highwaygirl on October 21, 2004 07:38 PM to the category Friends

You know, these conversations are always much funnier in retrospect. I'd save all our convos and reread them, but that might be a little weird. *uggs*

Posted by: rappy at October 22, 2004 06:23 AM
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