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October 22, 2004

Girl Talk

(By the way, this entry is getting updated periodically at the end.)

HWG: I guess I should be more EXPLICIT on my site
Rappy: I think he lurves you, so what are you so afraid of?
HWG: I'm afraid that I'm not sure of a love there is no cure for
Rappy: heh
HWG: you asked for that
HWG: that was your fault
HWG: and it was LAME
Rappy: see, I didn't actually know the rest of the words. I just *tricked* you into giving them to me
HWG: sure. you've probably got David Cassidy posters hung up all over your apartment.
Rappy: totally do.
Rappy: You know I stowed them away in my suitcases.
Rappy: at the expense of cookbooks and such
HWG: I heard you bought a plane ticket for your lifesize cardboard cutout of David Cassidy
HWG: so he could fly in the cabin with you
Rappy: well, I needed someone to rest my head against. I've told you I can't sleep sitting up.

HWG: hehehe, I just read your comment on me site
HWG: I was close to making a reference to Teem, too
HWG: so it's funny that you did
Rappy: well, it's really inevitable
Rappy: because...
Rappy: SCREW Clover.
Rappy: You complete MEMEME
HWG: hahahahaha
Rappy: oh, girl, you know it's true
HWG: ooh ooh ooh
Rappy: hahahaha
Rappy: I KNEW IT!
HWG: my god, you're so into humiliating me today
Rappy: *suckerpunches an unexpecting Clover*
HWG: first the partridge family, then milli vanilli
Rappy: oh, you love it. Admit it.
HWG: you make me look like a gaywad!
HWG: who likes really bad music!
Rappy: acceptance is the first step, as you well know

HWG: I didn't ask what he meant. I was too freaked out.
HWG: he's pretty much asexual, to me
HWG: so I was all, WHAT IS THIS??!?!
Rappy: haha
Rappy: does he mean THE SEX?
Rappy: because I'm fairly certain we're well past THAT point
HWG: I think ... I can't be sure, but ... I think he meant a blowjob
HWG: which...
Rappy: I think I've been left speechless.
Rappy: what does he think you guys have been doing?
HWG: playing checkers, I guess
Rappy: Exchanging chaste kisses while looking for the chastity belt key?

HWG: *will leave that part in*
Rappy: no you will not!
HWG: the chastity belt part
HWG: not the other part
Rappy: haha
Rappy: ok
Rappy: good, because I'd have to refer you to my last comment on your site, otherwise
HWG: about it being all about teem?
Rappy: about caring what people think of me.
Rappy: obviously you didn't actually READ the comment
HWG: I would never post something that made you look bad
Rappy: I'm having you on
Rappy: speak of the devil
HWG: speak of el diablo
Rappy: HAHA!

HWG: okay, roo had a tremendous idea
HWG: for what I should get Ian
HWG: a little stuffed shark!
Rappy: ?
HWG: since the movie where we met was Open Water
Rappy: oh! that's a great idea!
HWG: totally!
Rappy: roo am great

HWG: Teem and I had a whole conversation about this once
HWG: complete with ASCII art
Roo ASC?
HWG: drawing things with letters/numbers
HWG: =-O O==8
Roo ewww!
Roo I've never done that!
HWG: really stupid stuff like that
HWG: I guess you had to be there
HWG: *backs away slowly*
Roo why are you backing away?
Roo come baaaaaaaaack
HWG: I feel lecherous and perverted now!
HWG: *shame face*
Roo dude
Roo why?
HWG: because you "eww"d me

Roo: oh yeah
Roo: oh
Roo: oh
Roo: *sighs*
HWG: *dies laughing*
Roo: *lights Marlboro*
HWG: *says a hail mary*
HWG: because that's what *I* do afterwards
Roo: last time I got a facial and the girl was doing the extractions
Roo: and she said "there are a few blackheads and some oil pockets, but they are coming out easily"
Roo: and I think I literally felt it in my loins
Roo: loins
Roo: that's an odd word
Roo: do girls have loins?
Roo: or does loin = penis?
Roo: *ponders*
HWG: heeeeeeeeeeeehehehehe
Roo: you don't say a Hail Mary!
HWG: *giggles uncontrollably*
HWG: no, I sing "Ave Maria"!
HWG: "fruit of my loins"
HWG: yeah, I think loin = penis
HWG: Just like I've never used "groin" to refer to any part of my own body
Roo: yes...but somehow saying "fruit of my penis" doesn't sound the same
Roo: the word loins reminds me of Clan of the Cave Bear
HWG: but now that I think about it, what term would I use?
HWG: *fires up thesaurus.com*
HWG: loins
The region of the hips, groin, and lower abdomen; the reproductive organs.
HWG: there you go
HWG: dammit, this reads very funny
HWG: but out of respect for you, I will not post it
Roo: eh, you can
Roo: unless I sound like a big idiot
HWG: you don't! you sound very funny.

Teem: *angry yelling face*
HWG: *cowers*
Teem: I couldn't stay away
Teem: damn you and your blog entries
HWG: you just want to say something funny!
HWG: so I'll post it!
HWG: I know youuuuuuuuuuuu
Teem: I'm bored and you guys are having too much fun
HWG: *dances around you*
Teem: I was going to comment
Teem: but I didn't
HWG: you should have
HWG: why are you bored?
Teem: I was going to ask you what in the hell you were talking about with rappy and then I was going to call you an elitist self-absorbed... uh, woman!

Teem: oh, women have loins
Teem: I read about it in The Pirate Next Door
HWG: hahahahaha
HWG: The Pirate Next Door?
Teem: yes, it's a big important, award winning book
HWG: does it have pretty pictures?
Teem: of course not!
Teem: it's not a childrens' book!
HWG: of course not!
Teem: it's a book for matoooooore audiences
HWG: like those that draw X-rated things using letters and numbers?
HWG: those audiences?
Teem: I don't have any idea what you are talking about.

Teem: okay, I really have to pee
Teem: but in order to go pee, I have to close AIM
HWG: okay!
Teem: *crosses legs tightly*
HWG: I'm not going anywhere
HWG: and your bladder health is more important
Teem: the average human bladder can hold one cup of fluid
Teem: Thank you, Cranium!

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