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October 27, 2004


Rappy: is soup some sort of euphemism?
Rappy: I always spell that word wrong
HWG: why yes, it might be
HWG: a euphemism for ...
HWG: gettin' it ON
Rappy: I want to sing, but I don't know the words...
Rappy: roo is ignoring us!
HWG: she's so mean
HWG: this chat is laggy
HWG: sort of
Rappy: not really
HWG: well not now
HWG: but it was
HWG: wait, there it is again
ROO has entered the room.
HWG: but not then
Roo: we are chatting!?
HWG: Roo!
HWG: *skips merrily through the Clover*
HWG: hey
HWG: in all seriousness
HWG: I want to thank you both for your support
HWG: through these long, dark times
Roo: oh hush you self centered c@%t
Rappy: aw, *big group hug*
HWG: *hug*
Rappy: *squeeze*
Roo: hee. I got a hug even though I called you a self centered c@nt!
Rappy: *shocked face*
HWG: all my best friends call me that
Rappy: PRINCESS ROO! What kind of language is that?
Rappy: and you call yourself a church going girl
Rappy: *shocked*
Rappy: *and awed*
HWG: she used "fucking" as a modifier earlier
HWG: I was stunned into silence
Roo: hee.
Rappy: I believe the world has just shifted violently on its axis

Roo: it's funny that you guys think of me as the good girl
Roo: I mean, Julie called me after she brought Ian home because I "would understand"
HWG: hahahaha
HWG: yes, I did
HWG: you're my "slutty" friend
Rappy: wait, what?
HWG: I called Erika on The Morning After
HWG: I think she thought I was dying or something
HWG: to call her at 9:30 a.m. on a Sunday
Rappy: to say penance?
Rappy: do you say penance? *Jews*
HWG: but I must point out that her ass was in bed, not church
Rappy: or give?
Roo: well, you kind of "do" penance
Rappy: so calling you was just sort of gloating
Roo: yes, because I go to church on Sunday NIGHTS
Roo: so eat me
Roo: *wink*
Rappy: I think she was busy eating someone else
Rappy: EW.
Roo: *shocked face*
HWG: *shocked face*
Rappy: I can't believe I said that
Roo: I can't believe I said "eat me"
HWG: You two are disgusting
HWG: I am going to tell
HWG: er, someone
HWG: Tiffany!
HWG: I will tell Tiffany
Rappy: so, was she all gushy and stuff on the phone?
HWG: yes, how was I on the phone that morning?
HWG: you do realize that if I post a bit of this conversation, she won't be happy
Rappy: because she can't take part?
HWG: right, she'll give me angry yelling face
Roo: no...she said...
Roo: "I had to call you because I'm kind of freaked out"
Roo: "I did something I've never done before"
HWG: *shame face*
Roo: But I knew, since you are a two dollar whore, that you'd understand
Rappy: hahaha
HWG: hahahaha
Roo: despite the fact that I am a VIRGIN
Rappy: wait, what did she do? I feel out of the loop. I mean, I think I know what she *did*, but what was unusual about it?
HWG: I took Ian home
Rappy: when? On the day you met him?
HWG: mmhmm
Rappy: *shocked face*
HWG: well, the night after the day
HWG: technically it was the next day
Roo: oh god. I have a big mouth
HWG: because it was 3 a.m.

HWG: the gloves, they are off
Rappy: what's going on?
Roo: geez...I was going to call you!
HWG: brb
Roo: oh for God's sake!
Roo: NO BRB!
Rappy: she is what one would call a cock tease, if you know, we had cocks
Roo: good point

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