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November 05, 2004

Sparkle Motion

Jake: can you KILL me now?
Me: hahaha
Jake: I'm blasting PF's Comfortably Numb right now
Jake: Trying to zone out
Me: it's only 8:17 am, Jake
Me: it's a little early to ask me to kill you
Jake: Man, I really need to become a drug addict

More political fire and brimstone - how's THAT for separation of church and state? - from columnists at the New York Times. Bob Herbert says that Bush campaigned on fear:

He said, essentially, be very afraid. Be frightened of terrorism, and of those dangerous gay marriages, and of those in this pluralistic society who may have thoughts and beliefs and values that differ from your own.

As usual, he turned reality upside down. A quintessential American value is tolerance for ideas other than one's own. Tuesday's election was a dismaying sprint toward intolerance, sparked by a smiling president who is a master at appealing to the baser aspects of our natures.

Roo: ooooh! look at your journal today!
Roo: *bounces*
Me: what's wrong with it?
Me: did it explode?
Roo: hee
Roo: Friday I'm in LOOOOOVE
Me: *twirls*
Me: http://www.oldnavy.com/asp/Product.asp?wdid=10065&wpid=265095
Me: that's so classic looking
Me: I might buy that for Ian
Me: or me
Roo: hee. or both!
Roo: I love shopping for boys
Me: probably myself
Me: brb
Me: sweet jesus
Me: it is days like this when I wish the chemo HAD made me sterile
Roo: aww...I'm so sorry
Me: we will go out trolling for boys two weeks from tonight!
Me: I will be your Wingman

Texas is wasting no time changing their textbooks in order to eliminate ambiguous, asexual language. Because god forbid we let people make their own decisions about things; we must specifically tell them what to believe. Plus, starting to teach intolerance early - say, in middle school - gives you that much more opportunity to really make your biases take hold in those impressionable minds.

Speaking of Texas ...

Me: I see your AIM icon
Me: I want to play poker too!
Coworker: Oh really!!!
Me: texas hold 'em!
Me: *throws down*
Coworker: outstanding
Coworker: you will play
Coworker: oh yes
Coworker: you will play
Me: I've learned everything I know from Phil on Celebrity Poker Championship
Me: and from the World Poker Tournament
Coworker: are you entry level?
Me: I can't kick your ass, no
Me: but I understand the game
Coworker: outstanding
Me: but I start to bet emotionally and then I need you to punch me in the face
Coworker: Can I count on you for the big money games?
Me: please, we work at the same place
Me: you know I must be poor
Coworker: all those hours??
Coworker: don't be shy
Coworker: you're too humble
Me: yes, but I have those other addictions to feed
Coworker: I won't ask
Me: Well I'm totally in, but I'm not going to be throwing down big money
Me: I just want to say "I'm ALL IN"

And after work, Clover and I are going shopping! *screams*

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