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November 16, 2004

Smile Like You Mean It



Me: I am so in love with Rhett Miller
Jake: you just like girly men
Jake: I mean... his name... it's RHETT for chrissake
Me: and he name drops Kafka in his lyrics
Me: he am smart
Me: I'm watching an interview with him and I just want to throw him down and lick his face
Jake: hahaha
Jake: loser
Me: if you saw him, you'd want to lick his face, too

Former Van Halen singer David Lee Roth is training to become a paramedic. Which is really cool, I think. Except the idea of Roth performing CPR on me gives me the willies.

Me: how do I add an arrow to an image?
Me: I need a preformed shape tool
Jake: just draw it
Me: yeah thanks, I have no artistic ability
Jake: it doesn't require one
Jake: I shall show you the ways of the warrior
Jake: so simple
Me: fock, I just messed up
Jake: you must be doing it the hard way
Jake: come to me
Jake: I'm lazy
Jake: I'm like an old man
Me: no
Me: you come here
Me: because I did something
Me: and now it won't go away
Jake: but I have no legs!

I'm so proud of myself - I had an entire catching-up conversation with Phil and NOT ONCE did I say the Bad Word. I am inordinantly pleased.

Me: I'm going to come right out there and punch you in the chest, Jake

There's a movement afoot to convince me to move to Canada, and to that end certain people who shall remain nameless - and I mean that, this time - are spouting arcane trivia from the website CanadianAlternative.com. Did you know that the United Nations voted Toronto as the most multicultural city in the world? If you care about that sort of thing, you should move there.

Me (standing at Jake's desk discussing the CMS): Your bitterness and cynicism is just a self-defense mechanism.
Jake: I just know that it doesn't matter what I do. Either I will fail, or the world will fail me.
Me: I have to go write that down.

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