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June 02, 2005

Crash Into Me

Hi. How are you? I'm not sure what day it is anymore.

EZboards suck.

But Teem pointed me in the direction of the following, which does not suck:


(Courtesy of this chick's profile on some random message board.)

Phil: I've already told him "smart, witty"
Phil: But he's asking the obvious physical questions
Me: Tell him my breasts are 38DDs
Me: I have wide feet
Me: AND my legs are not long
Me: even though I'm almost 5-9
Me: I have a long torso
Me: actually, tell him I'm built like Fred Flintstone
Me: and then tell him to fuck off
Phil: LOL

And speaking of the god-forsaken EZboard...

Me: http://p079.ezboard.com/fezboardfrm98.showMessage?topicID=107.topic
Me: I love the first post in that thread
Rappy: tee hee - I just started reading that before you linked
Me: it really is AMAZING that the CEO mentioned marketing stuff
Me: I did a double take at that
Rappy: dude, they are doing a really bad job at attempting damage control
Me: a textbook BAD case of damage control
Rappy: it's kind of like the pilot thanking you for choosing Air "X" right after the flight attendant slammed a cart into you
Me: or right after the plane crashed
Rappy: Thank you for *boom* flying Oceanic

Me: I love sarcastic smart people
Rappy: "maybe in a couple of months, they might put up an announcement that says "We will re-imburse you for 7 days for you losing all your data, all your threads, all your posts, all your replies...etc..."
Rappy: tee hee
Rappy: these people ARE funny
Rappy: I'd laugh if it all wasn't so sad
Me: yeah
Me: well, I have laughed
Me: because some people are funny
Me: but shit
Me: HT might never recover
Me: "That was a whole lot of nothing dressed up as a technically challenged something..."
Rappy: ok, i may want to marry skeletal grace...
Me: I snorted out loud
Me: "the new ezboard experience"
Me: that phrase cracks me the fuck up
Rappy: hehe
Me: "So, stop being all happy. Business is business. If you want to feel happy go hold hands in a corner."
Me: *offers hand, for holding*
Me: you can pick the corner

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