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July 14, 2005

Peace, Love and Goats

Jake: clearly your cats are pure evil
Me: why?
Jake: I just noticed you had a photo section on your site. Don't know why I never saw it before.
Jake: Anyway... HERE'S WHY
Jake: Goddamn evil
Me: my cat is damn cute you twat!
Jake: hahaha
Me: I need to update this thing
Jake: It doesn't freak you out that anyone in the world can view photos of you and your family?
Me: no, not really. not many people would just stumble upon that photo album.
Jake: still fantastic
Me: ooh, yeah! I should do a lomo for my next shot on Foecus.
Jake: there's something absolutely amazing about wet hair in front of eyes like that, especially in a nice b/w
Jake: and I dont even mean in a perverse way
Jake: it's just an artistic thing of beauty to me
Me: yeah, I think it looks interesting in the super saturated color AND in the b/w
Me: totally different looks
Jake: yeah
Me: did you see my spoon shot?
Jake: Yeah I saw that a few weeks ago. Absolutely loved that one.
Me: I wish I could be a photojournalist
Me: how COOL would that be?
Jake: yeah, I know the feeling
Me: although I'm not good enough yet
Jake: Ehh
Jake: It's like any other "art" ... it's all up to the viewer
Jake: 22) Get a facial
Jake: ahahahaha I can't help but succumb to my immaturity
Jake: I'll still giggle at such things when I'm 40
Jake: If I live that long
Me: wait, is that on my list?
Jake: yes
Me: I need to update my list
Me: I tackled the database conversion
Jake: 39) Watch a sunset on the West Coast
Jake: West coast of Florida or you mean CA?
Me: not of FL
Jake: ah
Me: Hawaii is the goal
Jake: I was gonna say ...
Me: but barring that, West Coast of the U.S.
Jake: 48) Stay awake for 48 consecutive hours
Jake: Heh
Jake: Part o' the reason I was so manic when I met you guys...
Me: sleep deprivation?
Jake: Ive been getting very little because of my current projects
Jake: It's great
Jake: Now if only i had access to a wide array of drugs
Jake: I'm in the mood for some lovely psychedelics
Me: Jake
Me: what is a "daisy chain"?
Jake: I ain't no hippie
Jake: 100) Go blonde (or very dark brown)
Jake: Please
Jake: Please Julie
Jake: Don't make the baby Jesus cry
Me: oh, dude! I've done that too!
Jake: egianbhjadfh
Me: the very dark brown
Me: well, almost
Jake: Thank fuck I havent had to see the blonde
Me: my hair, no matter what color I dye it, always turns a bit red
Jake: There is no tactful way of throwing up
Me: now I'm going to bleach my hair just to spite you
Jake: demon
Me: alright, I gotta run out to CVS
Me: back in a flash-o-matic
Jake: Time for me to start making dinner you wretched goat
Jake: I have no genuine explanation as to why I insult you with such titles as GOAT. A wretched one for that matter.
Jake: Peace and love

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