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July 31, 2005

Never Forever Whatever

Soul Asylum
"Sometime To Return"
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NOTES: When I was in college I listened to several bands from Minneapolis - the Replacements, Husker Du, and Soul Asylum. My favorite was Soul Asylum, not in small part due to the fact that the lead singer - Dave Pirner - was this manic, whirling dervish-esque force of nature onstage. Plus, his songs were catchy as hell. Although I crushed on him quite profoundly, I always had a grudging respect for a guy who had been dating the same girl for seven years.

Then he ditched her for Winona fucking Ryder, starfucker extraordinaire.

Soul Asylum went downhill from there, and I totally blame Winona, that whore. I loved this band, but after Dave hooked up with her he got soft and happy and that, my friends, sucks in a rock band. The band later released Let Your Dim Light Shine, which is abysmal. You might remember the video for "Just Like Anyone" which features Winona's (former?) friend and minor-league starfucker, Claire Danes (here is a clip - go ahead and have fun torturing yourself. Don't say I didn't warn you).

Yes, I am apparently still bitter [side note: I just realized this is the third time I've bitched about this; so yeah, I'm clearly not over it]. Especially since bassist Karl Mueller died a few months ago (cancer) and because Soul Asylum is still one of the top three concerts I've ever attended (a double bill with the Goo Goo Dolls - before the Goos started to suck too [hmm, pattern anyone?] - during the Grave Dancers Union tour). This song is from the release Hang Time which is harder than GDU, the release that made the band famous. Both CDs - as well as ...And the Horse They Rode In On - are excellent and you should give them a listen if you get the chance.

I ran my way
I walked a fine line
Wasted time only to find
You were callin' I think my name
To remind me I am fine

What you are is what you see
And you see me and we can be
Something you can call real
We are we are we are

Doing what we can
Working without a plan
I'm beginning to understand
It's getting out of hand

I have seen these closing doors
I've woke up on this floor before
Picked it apart for hours and hours
Hours and hours
Of turning, tossing and looking and listening
To you and all the fucked up things you do

But you're doing the best you can
With every grain of sand
It's trickling through your hand
Sayin' "Catch me if you can"

If someday comes early
Comes whipping comes whirling
To take you for all you have learned
The tables are turning
Your bridges are burning
My destination sometime to return

Throw away your calender
And saddle up your salamander
Get up and get down
Ride into town and look around
Get up and do something
Your time to choose it
Do it do it do it do it do it

Doing the best I can
With or without a plan
I'm taking what I can get
I haven't seen nothing yet

If one day you wake up
And find what you make up
Come and get me, come and take me there
Into your illusion
I'll make my intrusion
Anytime, anyplace, anywhere

The hourglass is draining fast
It knows no future holds no past
And all this to will come to pass
Never, forever, whatever

If someday comes early
Comes whipping comes whirling
To take you for all you have learned
The tables are turning
Your bridges are burning
My destination sometime to return

Posted by Highwaygirl on July 31, 2005 12:07 PM to the category The Key of Life
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