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February 03, 2006


This has seriously been one of the worst days ever.

It rained. Oh my god did it rain. It rained more today than it has in FORTY-SIX YEARS. It rained 15" in five hours. I'm not even kidding you. Check the St. Pete Times tomorrow if you don't believe me.

It rained all damn day, and not just a little rain - it poured. ALL DAY. I didn't get nearly as much moved over as I had planned, which means tomorrow will be extra special stressful.

And the forecast for tomorrow? That's right - more rain.

Oh, and the phone jack installation guy bailed on me because he "doesn't work in this kind of weather." Well OK THEN, you ENORMOUS TWIT. Fortunately, I found a jack behind a different outlet, and that one seems to work. So I do have telephone service.

And the cable installation guy hooked me up with both TV and modem (obviously).

I'm going to be brutally unhappy around 11 a.m. tomorrow morning when we start loading the furniture. If I make it to, say, 3 p.m. without curling up into the fetal position and sobbing uncontrollably, I'll be very happy.

Posted by Highwaygirl on February 3, 2006 07:03 PM to the category Day In the Life

Julie -

I'm going to be in your shoes in about a week. I'm praying for no snow.

Sorry about moving; I know it sucks ass. But, you'll soon be in your new place and everything will be cool.

Posted by: mike at February 4, 2006 08:50 PM

Aw, I'm sorry. Here's some cheery news though... BDI got fired! And the police were involved! Oh, wait. That might only be cheery for me. *hug*

Posted by: rappy at February 5, 2006 03:03 PM
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