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March 02, 2006

Boys Am Dumb

Rappy: This was a shopping mall, now it's a peaceful oasis
Me: oh dude
Me: I am so sick
Me: *blurf*
Rappy: wha?
Rappy: what did you eat?
Me: Italian, last night, during a date
Me: the date SUCKED and now my insides are on the outside
Rappy: a date? with whom? and sucked how?
Me: a guy named Mark, who works with my friend Glen
Me: not a blind date, since I've hung out with him before
Me: anyway, it was supposed to be just a casual thing, but he took me to a romantic restaurant
Me: first problem
Me: so then we went to my place after to watch Lost
Me: and he was looking at the books on my bookcase, and noticed the ones I had on cancer
Me: he asked about them so I told him about having had Hodgkin's
Me: and it was like the ARCTIC in my living room the rest of the night
Me: he barely spoke over the next 45 minutes
Me: when before I couldn't get him to shut up
Rappy: I'm sorry, when did cancer turn into AIDS?
Me: yeah, especially since I've been in remission for ALMOST 10 YEARS
Me: so, whatever. it's his loss, not mine.
Me: but I haven't had that happen in a few years, so it was pretty stunning
Rappy: that is just so fucking retarded any which way you look at it.
Me: you betcha
Me: I'm going to talk to Glen later and tell him
Rappy: did I mention it was RETARDED?
Me: Glen will probably go give him all sorts of hell, which the dork deserves
Rappy: I'm sorry. I cannot wrap my head around someone having a reaction to CANCER like it's leprosy or something.
Me: anyway, I woke up at midnight wanting to puke my guts out
Me: and then proceeded to do so over the next three hours
Me: plus I'm having the worst cramps ever in the history of womankind
Me: so I just got to work, and I'm going to skip lunch and stay here until 3, then go home
Rappy: yikes
Rappy: *hug*
Me: thanks *hug*
Me: how was your day?
Rappy: boring
Rappy: wait - I said that yesterday when you asked
Rappy: ask me again
Me: how was your day?
Rappy: boring
Rappy: wait...

Rappy: wow - Sean Astin's character on 24 is so pathetic
Me: thank god Curtis stepped up
Rappy: dude!
Rappy: NOT THERE YET :-)
Me: Sean Astin is a craptastic actor
Me: I nearly cried tears of joy seeing Peter Weller
Rappy: Peter Weller?
Me: this show has several of my adolescent crushes
Me: he's playing the guy Jack goes to see
Rappy: ah
Me: he was Buckaroo Banzai
Me: *swoon*
Me: I have also swooned over Julian Sands
Rappy: ?
Me: he's playing the blonde euroterrorist
Rappy: ah
Rappy: Eurorist :-)
Rappy: WTF happened to Kim Raver's nose? I think she's two timing Jack with Michael Jackson's plastic surgeon

Posted by Highwaygirl on March 2, 2006 02:02 PM to the category Friends

Julie -

Peter Weller is on 24? Damn, I have so got to get a TV....

I love, love, love Buckaroo Banzai.

"Home. Home is where you hang your hat." Dr. Emil Lizardo/Lord John Whorfin

Posted by: Mike at March 3, 2006 10:05 AM

Mike, when are you going to admit that we're perfect for each other?

"Laugh-a while you can, monkey boy."

Posted by: Highwaygirl at March 3, 2006 10:18 AM
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