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March 13, 2006


Me: give him a call, see what he can do for you
Erika: and he's from Scotland!
Me: DEFINITELY give him a call
Me: jesus, just to hear him talk
Me: can I give him a call?
Erika: well, it said he moved here when he was 10
Me: oh
Erika: so he might not have an accent
Me: well call him and find out. if he does, send me his phone number.
Erika: hee
Erika: not a chance, you whore
Erika: I keep the Scottish boys to meself!
Me: hahahahaha

Rappy: I'm going to start teaching you a Hebrew (sort of) word a day.
Rappy: Today's word:
Rappy: Ashkara. "Totally"
Rappy: As in:
Rappy: - BDI is such a douche
- Ashkara
Me: Ashkara
Rappy: now YOU find a way to put it in a sentence
Me: hmm
Rappy: want another one?
Me: Programmers are stupid idiots.
Me: "Ashkara"
Rappy: EXCELLENT! *awards gold star*
Me: gimme another
Rappy: Fashla, "Major fuck up"
Rappy: example:
Rappy: Erasing that database was a first class fashla
Me: oh GOD
Me: I could use that every hour
Rappy: more?
Me: wait, I have to use it
Me: so I remember it
Me: um...
Me: The war in Iraq is a major fashla on the part of Bush
Rappy: no.
Rappy: A fashla is big, but no fashla is that big

Me: And Purim is ...
Rappy: Purim is the holiday in which we commemorate having beaten the Persian scheme to kill all Jews by killing the Persians instead.

Me: take your oven with you when you go see Totem
Me: so he can bake me some lemon cookies
Rappy: yeah, let me get right on that.
Me: strap it to your back
Me: it will be good exercise
Rappy: I should carry it on my back while riding my bike
Me: yes, even better!
Me: I am going grocery shopping on my lunch hour
Me: does that make me lame?
Rappy: yes
Me: awesome
Me: OH
Me: I want you to know that I did not make tabbouleh this weekend
Me: so I am NOT addicted
Rappy: did you run out of parsley?
Me: no, I specifically didn't make it
Rappy: because you didn't want to or because you were trying to prove a point?
Me: well the latter, of course
Rappy: not buying it
Me: shut up

Posted by Highwaygirl on March 13, 2006 12:57 PM to the category Friends

hey am ashraf iam an arabic man iwant to know agirl friend

Posted by: ASHRAF at April 5, 2006 05:31 AM
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