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March 27, 2006

I Love the Koos

Me: this is pretty
Me: click the See It Larger link
Me: the cut on those is really interesting
Rappy: totally
Rappy: I like the wide leg bit
Me: yeah, me too
Me: the top probably would not fit me, though
Me: I like men's pajamas so much more than women's
Rappy: I don't own pajamas
Rappy: I sleep in sweatpants and a shirt
Me: I sleep in a t-shirt and shorts, but ...
Me: I was looking for something nicer
Rappy: heh
Me: although I already had the "I don't wear frilly lace lingerie" discussion with Marcel
Me: to which he replied, "lingerie is overrated"
Rappy: heh
Rappy: he's obviously a keeper
Me: you know ... I really think he is
Me: my nephew cracked me up with his "are you gonna MARRY HIM?" questions
Rappy: he is wise beyond his years
Me: this is cute too
Rappy: meh - busy
Me: hmm
Me: yes, perhaps
Rappy: yeah
Rappy: but damn, I don't want to be alone for the rest of my life, you know?
Me: of course not
Me: I will bring Marcel with me to visit you!
Me: he has special ops training, he can protect us from suicide bombers
Rappy: yeah, you're willing to lend him out?
Me: oh HELL NO
Me: I don't share
Rappy: hehehehe
Me: but if things progress with him, I'd like him to meet you
Me: since you're one of my closest friends
Rappy: aw! Thanks babe, YOU TOO!
Rappy: now, back to me being a spinstress...

Posted by Highwaygirl on March 27, 2006 05:37 PM to the category Friends
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