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Arf! Oh, the weather outside is frightful. Actually, I'm lying. It's really nice. West central Florida is finally experiencing winter, with high temperatures in the high 50s this afternoon. I'm hoping for a few feet of snow tonight. I've put my ice scraper in the car, so I'm all set.

Speaking of my car, I need to get the oil changed tomorrow since I'll be putting 500 miles on it in the space of a few days this coming weekend. Heading to the big New Year's Eve extravaganza in Tallahassee, you know.

Today I went shopping. The haul - two 8-outlet surge protectors, Reservior Dogs on DVD (for the insane price of $7.99 at Circuit City), and various holiday decorations from Target at 50% off.

Here are more photos, courtesy of my wonderful Canon Powershot A20. I call this gallery "Of Tongues and Doves." Yes, I'm 12. Incidentally, I just think Collared (or ringneck) doves are cool, because I'd never seen one until I moved back to Florida in September.

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Alex ate blue frostingDashboard RudolphCaygeon sticks out tongue
Collared and Mourning dovesCollared doveCollared dove

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