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TUESDAY - JUNE 5, 2001

I'm With Stupid

Sometimes I wish I were just like George W. Bush. No, better still, I wish I were like his daughter, Jenna, who despite having been arrested twice before for underage drinking and/or possession of alcohol ... despite knowing that her father, as governor of Texas, signed legislation that mandates prison time for a third offense ... despite knowing that ALL THE WORLD IS WATCHING because she's the President's daughter ... refuses to relinquish her God-given right to buy alcohol with a fake ID.

Is this a neglected child's plaintive cry for help? Nah. She's just stupid.

And sometimes I wish I were just like her. [more]

In My Past Life, I Kicked Ass

Courtesy of the Reincarnator on the Mummy Returns website (referenced above), here's what I was in my Egyptian past life:

Name: Neferefre
Occupation: Magician
You were called upon to work with physicians to cure diseases and cast spells. Your job as a magician was considered as important as that of a doctor or a priest, and you were often hired to treat snake and spider bites or oversee the mummification ritual. You didn't socialize because people were suspicious of magicians and they didn't often invite you to banquets. You died mysteriously at a young age. There was an inquiry into your death because it was thought that you had died of a spell cast on you by another magician. No charges were ever brought against him, and your death remained a mystery. A powerful nobleman (whom you had once healed) graciously paid for your body to be mummified, ensuring your everlasting life.


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