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FRIDAY - JUNE 8, 2001

The Only Reason To Watch VH1

Fran Healy, NOT Rob Thomas Why, TRAVIS of course. At 9 p.m. VH1 is debuting the Travis episode of some series called Storytellers. That link goes to the page on VH1 that previews the show, but they lose points for having the alt text on a Fran Healy photo read "Rob Thomas." That's just wrong.

Weirder Than Anime

There's this site, Kaiju Big Battel. At first I thought it was just a stereotypically bad Asian website that had been haphazardly translated into English, but now I'm not so sure. I think maybe it's Yankee boys goofing on that stereotypical badly-translated Japanese. Take the bio for Eargernon. It's a mouse. How many Japanese have read Flowers For Algernon? Plus, it uses the word "embiggerment" in the description, and that's right out of The Simpsons. But the big clue was the Boston mailing address.


Maybe I was wrong about George W. Bush? Well, no, I was dead right about him being a dunderhead, but he is giving me a $300 tax refund this year. So he's not all bad, I guess. Although I bet if I looked into this a little more, I'd see how this is really bad in the long-term. Or something. But it's $300!! Now, what to do with it? That atomic wall clock might be mine after all.


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