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Travis, Pipe Dreams

SUNDAY - JUNE 17, 2001

His ears must have been burning, because not 20 minutes after I was on the phone telling my dad about him (and wishing my dad a Happy Father's Day, of course), Gimpy appeared. As gimp-tastic as ever! So I threw some food out for him, and he hoovered it up. Until the other, meaner squirrels ganged up on him and ran him off. I did snap a few photos of him, so I might get his scrawny little mug up on the site in the future. Incidentally, I think his back leg is just paralyzed, rather than twisted around. Still, poor Gimpy.
2:47 p.m. - Sir Gimp returns for more food

The Pathfinder book I'm reading is truly excellent. I knew I would like it when the author quoted Life In Hell and Buckaroo Banzai in the first chapter. I recommend it wholeheartedly for anyone who feels like their life should have more to it.

SATURDAY - JUNE 16, 2001

I forgot something about yesterday, which was that I found out I didn't get the contract job with EDS. Which is actually okay, because with as much as they jerked me around, I had started to wonder if working there would be more of the same.

I also haven't seen Gimpy again, and the party I went to tonight was dead boring. Sad when you find reading more entertaining than talking to someone.

FRIDAY - JUNE 15, 2001

I went to Barnes & Noble today, looking for a book I heard about called The Pathfinder. It's a book about career/life development, and it's just what I need because I'm beginning to have a bit of a freakout. I browsed a little bit while I was there, and with the jittery stealth usually reserved for the purchase of condoms and KY Jelly, I bought ... O Magazine. Oh, I also saw Tomb Raider. It was neither bad nor good, it just is what it is. Mildly amusing.

THURSDAY - JUNE 14, 2001

I delivered the most stupid, stuttering, mindlessly haphazard voice mail message of all time tonight. Kill me. Kill me now.


Not Gimpy All last night I dreamt about squirrels, after discovering a new member of the cabal of squirrels who forage for the sunflower seeds I throw out back. I had seen this one before, about three weeks ago, up by the laundry room. He was dragging his right rear leg behind him, and I assumed he had either been hit by a car or attacked by a dog or cat. I tried to get close, but he moved well enough to stay ahead of me and climb up a nearby tree. It was a pathetic sight.

So yesterday I noticed him in my backyard, eating. Unlike the other squirrels, who sit up on their back legs when eating, this one cannot. He has to lie on the ground, because he can't support himself on his one good leg. It's like he's lying on his elbows as he eats. I was very close to bursting into tears, because I just know he's going to be killed sooner or later. He can move and climb, just not very quickly. A cat would be able to catch him with no problem.

I got a closer look at his leg -- it looks like it's been turned around 180 degrees. The bottom of his foot faces upwards. I'm going to call a few veterinarians around here to see if they would treat him, should I manage to trap him somehow. I'm going to need guidance on how to do that as well.

He's cute, though. He's smaller than the other squirrels (I'm sure he's malnourished) and his tail is all matted, but he's still cute. I'm calling him Gimpy for the obvious reasons, but I should probably come up with a name that is less focused on his disability.

The Pathfinder
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