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January 06, 2004

A Day In the Life

10:03:44 AM
Highwaygirl: I risked a visit to LG!
Highwaygirl: just for you
raptorgirl: *gasp* and nobody snuck up behind you with ether and took you away to be investigated in a torture chamber with little pins of fire?
Highwaygirl: well not yet anyway
Highwaygirl: but the day is still young

10:53:49 AM
Teem: all these simpletons on MUA hate True Match
Teem: they're all whack
Teem: and they love TruBlend! Which is vile!
Teem: I flurve bologna
Highwaygirl: ohhhhhhhhhhhh
Highwaygirl: so now I have to decide
Highwaygirl: should I trust Teem?
Teem: no! no decision!
Highwaygirl: or should I trust MUA?
Teem: trublend is of the devil! Satan!
Highwaygirl: Satan's foundation!
Teem: exactly!
Highwaygirl: Satan's Thigh's foundation
Teem: satan uses trublend on his thighs!
Highwaygirl: HAHAHAHA
Highwaygirl: it's SINFUL
Teem: *speaks in tongues*
Highwaygirl: hahahahahaha
Highwaygirl: fhsfdliaoifqjwoefijqweopfij TRUBLEND! lkjfiahdfahdfoiahsdf
Teem: algkjas;haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaskdalfjdksaaaaaaaa THIGHS! salkfha;teiaygaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

11:28:45 AM
Highwaygirl: hands...
Highwaygirl: touching hands...
Highwaygirl: reaching out...
Highwaygirl: touching meeeeeeeeee...
Highwaygirl: touching YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUU...

2:55:48 PM
raptorgirl: why is kazaa taking so long to find catherine wheel songs?
Highwaygirl: Because Kazaa is a minion of Satan
raptorgirl: it really is, isn't it?

2:56:23 PM
Highwaygirl: Vegas is one of those places that I just have no interest in going
Highwaygirl: I'm not sure why
Tsylyst: because of the hookers?
Highwaygirl: Yeah, I don't want to get back into that
Tsylyst: well, stalking around town with that hair says otherwise
Highwaygirl: [shocked face]
Highwaygirl: are you saying I have HOOKER HAIR???
Tsylyst: not in a bad way...I promise
Tsylyst: you have classy hooker hair
Tsylyst: escort hair, if you will

3:14:11 PM
Highwaygirl: afgakjngoaihnrgoqirhg-042 0 ut!!!!!!
Teem: ACK!
Highwaygirl: help!
Highwaygirl: my shoe!
Teem: satan is making you speak in tongues!
Highwaygirl:: caught in me pants!
Highwaygirl: *trips*
Highwaygirl: you just stood there in my moment of peril
Highwaygirl: thanks
Teem: oh! so sorry!
Teem: I was busy pointing and laughing!
Highwaygirl: [shocked face]
Teem: at Satan, dammit!
Teem: not at you!

3:15:42 PM
Overgme: hey
Overgme: describe your hair color to me
Overgme: in women's language
Overgme: male language doesn't have the proper colors

3:50:35 PM
Highwaygirl: it's almost 4!
Highwaygirl:: *flails*
Overgme: *jumps around*
Overgme: I want Cheetos
Highwaygirl: *scuffles feet along carpet*
Overgme: I want Cheetos now!!!
Overgme: [shocked face]
Highwaygirl: *zap!*
Overgme: *runs*
Highwaygirl: I GOT YOU!
Overgme: and stealer!
Highwaygirl: [cheesy grin]
Overgme: oh yeah?
Highwaygirl: *runs*
Overgme: *scuffles feet on floor*
Overgme: *chases*
Highwaygirl: *runs faster*
Overgme: *and*
Overgme: *and*
Overgme: *and*
Highwaygirl: *runs faster than you will ever run*
Overgme: *teleports*
Overgme: *tacklehug*
Highwaygirl: shit!
Overgme: *zap*
Highwaygirl: *screams*
Overgme: what?
Highwaygirl: I didn't see the teleport coming
Overgme: hahahahhaha
Highwaygirl: I should have planned for that
Overgme: hahahhahahhah
Overgme: hahahahhahah
Overgme: you are fun
Posted by Highwaygirl on January 6, 2004 08:02 PM to the category Day In the Life

Oh, Heewig. You must remember, Vegas is about .. mocking the tourists in their sparkly tshirts and fanny packs, free drinks while playing Survivor Slots, convincing cute men/women that you need help in understanding the complications of "max bet" on the quarter machines .. and most of all .. Vegas is about SHOPPING.

Posted by: TVJunkie at January 6, 2004 08:23 PM

Yeah...shopping for HOOKERS!

Posted by: Tsy at January 6, 2004 10:55 PM
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