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July 20, 2004


I know, I know - many of you have been waiting for the details of my trip to visit the one-and-only Overg. Sorry it took so long (heh!) to write it all down, but I needed time to compose my thoughts. *sigh* Why must women always lose their composure over me?

Although I've posted about previous trips in a series of installments, I'm going to chronicle my entire weekend with Overg in just this one entry. And as a special treat, I, Overg, shall provide my commentary in italics. Take that, all ye who've asked me to blog.

For those of you who just want the summary of the weekend without the details, I give you this - my biggest regret is that I waited over two years to meet him. Why? Because every single second I spent with him, I was happy. And because now, what used to be somewhat hypothetical, has been made concrete: aside
from my immediate family, he is the most important person in my life. It's about time you came around. I've been telling you of my own importance for years.

Overg is my best friend, and I am his, and we will be that to each other for a very long time. It's a deal.

Oh, you wanted details? Okay - here goes:

I winged up to the Mitten on a Friday morning, connecting through Chicago. I had a two-hour layover, so I grabbed a cheeseburger Happy Meal from McDonalds and called Teem to kill some time. Almost as soon as I started talking to her, I bit into my cheeseburger and a huge glob of ketchup squirted out the other side, and dripped down the inside of my pant leg. Flovely. Such a nice way to start the trip.

I managed to clean it up fairly well, but still had more than an hour left before boarding my connection to Michigan, so I called Overg at work to while away the time. Despite having been friends for years, we were both pretty nervous about this. I don't think either one of us seriously believed that we'd meet in person and there wouldn't be anything there, or that we'd have trouble talking or interacting, but ... you never really know. I think this is just a polite way of saying that she thought I would stink to high hell.

So we talked for awhile and then about 15 minutes before boarding I went down to the gate. The sign at gate B22 said PHILADELPHIA departing at 1:30. My flight was also supposed to be out of B22 and was leaving at 1:35.

I didn't immediately make the connection that that was a problem. Then I heard someone announce that they needed people on the flight to Overg's city to give up their seats for free tickets anywhere in the U.S. So I went over to investigate and found that they had already nearly completed boarding for my flight. As
it turns out, there's a "main" gate B22 and then there's the planes that park at B22 that you have to walk out on the tarmac to board. My flight was in the latter category. And I almost missed it!

Fly, fly, fly.

This seems like a good place to state that, as an act of solidarity for my messy friend here, I went into the bathroom airport while waiting for Heewig's flight to land, leaned against the counter, and spread a nice water stain on my pants just below my crotch. What a pair! She can't eat and I can't pee. I managed to make most of the stain disappear before Heewig's arrival. Although I would note that vigorously rubbing your pants just below your crotch will draw some unwanted attention.

Forty-five minutes later I touch down in Overg's city. We knew that security wouldn't let him out to the gate, so he said he'd be waiting for me near the baggage claim. Once again, she's being polite. My airport is so small we couldn't possibly have missed each other. So I wound my way down there and started scanning for him ... and then I was hit by a blinding white light coming from the side of the baggage carousels. It was shiny and happy. It was Overg!! I'm tag teaming with Rudolph to guide Santa's sleigh this year.

Instantaneous recognition, followed by huge smiles, then the slow-motion running into each other's arms for a long, tight embrace. And then Overg kicked a guy in the groin for getting in the way. Asshole!

I couldn't stop beaming. I mean, he was RIGHT THERE standing beside me. After all this time. Instead of writing "*hip nudge*" he actually did it. Instead of writing "*poke*" I actually did it. I gave him another long hug and we just stood there babbling to each other until my luggage finally came out. He grabbed my bag and said, "Follow me!", giving me the opportunity to check out his butt.

He's obsessed with his butt. He will tell you that it is me who is obsessed with butts, particularly his, but that's not true. He's the one who is All About the Butt. I am All About Something Else.

So we head out of the airport to his car. Ever the gentleman, he unlocks and opens the door for me. He did this throughout the weekend except the times when I forgot like a big dolt, or at least would try, but I kept locking the door at the wrong times and leaving it open when I was supposed to lock it. I have a mental block against manual car door locks, apparently.

And then we were off! Destination - Casa de Overg, with the intention of introducing me to the cats, Beaker and Thumper, and then settling in before going out to do more stuff.

The ride was much fun. We drove through the city proper, and through some residential areas, cut through the hospital parking lot (because Overg is a cheater-driver) Hey, those are actual streets! And the ambulances scare away most of the traffic, so they're empty streets., passed his office, the bakery outlet, Hungry Howie's, the beautiful wonderful amazing grocery store, and then finally out to his house. The foregoing should not be taken as an accurate guide to my house, as it's completely out of order. I'll just assume my rancid odor was making her delirious. The drive out there is really pretty - the type of scenic view you'd never find in Florida, with twisty, hilly roads and beaches! He pointed out where he hit the deer last winter, and where he nearly hit some wild turkeys earlier.

Michigan - Unsafe at any speed.

We teased each other mercilessly, too, the entire way home - just like always.

And then we turn into his neighborhood, and it was such a weird feeling because this is a place I've been hearing Overg talk about for almost the entire time I've known him. I remember when he first found the subdivision, and showed me the developer's website so I could help him look through house floorplans and
styles. It was really cool to finally be able to see what those drawings actually turned into.

His house is very nice. And he's done an amazing job with the yard and landscaping, considering that when he moved in it was just a huge expanse of dirt. I used to laugh at him for spending hours moving his sprinklers (before he got a sprinkler system), and I never really understood why it took him so freaking long to mow his lawn. Now I know.

We sneaked into the house, trying to catch the cats unaware that a new person had arrived. But Beaker was at the bottom of the stairs as she always is when I come home and saw me right away. She hesitated for a second, then ran upstairs. Thumper was at the top of the stairs as she always is when I come home, and as soon as she saw me she ran into Overg's bedroom and hid under the bed as she always does whenever anyone comes over.

But Beaker was a much different story. She never hid or ran, she just looked at me a little bit. Then Overg brought out the cat treats, and she actually let me feed her a few. After only knowing me for minutes!! To say that Overg and I were pleased is an understatement. We were thrilled that Beaker took to me so quickly. She even let me pet her right away. This was important to me. No one stays at my house without Beaker approval. She'll shank your ass just as soon as look at you if she doesn't like you.

Quick note - Beaker is even more gorgeous in person than she is in her photos. Hard to believe, but true. And she is clearly in love with Overg. But as much in love as she is with him, he's even more so with her. It is unbelievably touching to see. Four years together as of yesterday!

Right after treat time, Beaker started scratching one of the dining table chairs. I reflexively admonished her (gently, of course), with a "Beaker, no!"

Which was when Overg bugged his eyes out at me and gave me The Look. The look of What the Hell Do You Think You're Saying??? I should know by now - you don't mess with Beaker. Overg pointed out that Beaker is allowed to scratch certain things, mainly because she looks sooooooooooo stinkin' cute while doing it. And she does. I was incredibly bemused by this. Did she really just try to give orders to Beaker? You have never seen someone adopt a hang dog expression more quickly.

Then I got The Tour. I've always needled Overg about his entire house being painted white, but I have to admit that it looks very good. And I will never again doubt his ability to color coordinate, because everything in his bathroom goes together seamlessly (without being matchy). We dropped off my luggage in the guest bedroom (heretofore known forever as "The Boo Room"), and then I met Brunch. Hi, Brunch! Brunch loves new people, so he preened and whistled like a madman.

We toured the yard, and I finally got to see the illustrious lava rock up close. Overg and his father have done a terrific job on the landscaping mainly his father, who loves that shit, and even though Overg is at war with the clover, I think his lawn looks great. The grass is weird, though. It's all thin and soft and stuff. Yeah, it's called real grass.

I'm getting messed up on the order in which we did things, because it stays light outside so late in Michigan (until past 10 p.m.). So I don't remember if it was at this point that we ordered pizza and subs and cheesy bread from Little Caesar's, or later. But I think it was now. Yes, it was now. Because later we got dessert.

We ate (Meatsa subs - so meeeeeeeaty) and watched a couple of episodes of Aqua Teen Hunger Force on DVD.

We had to go back out because I had stupidly forgotten my contact lens case at home, so I had to buy another one that night (because I don't leave my lenses in while sleeping). So we headed back out to look for a drugstore, but then Overg decided that now was the time to give me a tour of the city. And to get
gasoline. Yes, that was important. Since Heewig can't drive a stick, she would have had to push the car while I steered if we ran out of gas.

But then he veered off and headed out to what looked like open land. He said he wanted to show me something, but wouldn't tell me what. So we're driving down this country road and there are barns on the side of the road. Overg said, "I don't think you've ever seen something like this before." And I said, "WHAT IS IT WHAT IS IT WHAT IS IT???"

Then, in the distance, I see an enormous white windmill. It had three thin "spokes" and was slowly circling. Indeed, I had never seen anything like that before. It sounds very simple, and it was, but at the same time it was very, very cool. We've mastered all of the elements up here in the great white north.

I have to say, I really love driving around with Overg. Mainly because we can't stop teasing each other and throwing around in-jokes and references to things between us that happened years ago. It was great fun, this sort of sarcastic reminiscing. It reinforced the bond that we've steadily built over the years.

We then drove out to the tourist-y area of the city, past the bay. Around this time I conceeded that Michigan might have some beaches. Maybe. Mostly it has shoreline, but occasionally there might be a beach. And Overg helpfully pointed out every sign that said BEACH, too. He's helpful like that. I am all about educating you, especially when you are wrong and I am right.

We stopped for gas at some random station. I got out of the car so I could keep talking to him, which prompted Overg to say I was one of those "cool people" who doesn't just sit in the car. Yes, yes I am! Plus, I didn't want to waste any time sitting there and not talking to me bestest friend. *ulterior motives*

Overg pointed out the restaurant next door as the place he likes to get chocolate malts. Overg loves his malts. I mentioned the time years back that he was driving home with an XXXXL size malt good god, the things come in fucking buckets and it tipped over and spilled all over his back seat, and then he showed me the little stain still left from the mess. Unfortunately the place was very busy, so we didn't stop for malts of our own. I said, maybe tomorrow.

Driving, driving, driving.

We drove past a pirate-themed miniature golf place. There was someone in a pirate costume standing outside, and I screamed "HIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!" at them. Overg laughed and invoked Teem's name. Which I do all the time. If you want to be in, you have to namedrop Teem lots and lots and lots. Then I talked about how much I hate miniature golf and how much it frustrates me and makes me swear (because I can't putt to save my life) and how my idea of hell is an eternity on a miniature golf course. This made Overg think that taking me miniature golfing sometime during the weekend would be a really great idea.

And thus began my mantra for the weekend - "You are SO. MEAN. to me." Because he is. Well, not really. He just likes to tease me, and then when I give him the *eyebrow* he smiles and laughs at me and squeezes my knee as if to say, "You know I like you, shut up." Heh. We really do harrass each other this way quite a bit.

We drove past a park full of motor homes - hundreds of them - and Overg proclaimed that this was his idea of hell. Seriously. How could anyone enjoy cramming themselves into one of those things, and then cramming one of those things into a park filled with hundreds of others of those things? Ugh.

Mo' driving around the city. A bay here, a bay there. Tourists running everywhere. Overg pointed out the Taco Bell he goes to. And the Arby's he goes to. And the Subway he goes to. And the KFC he goes to. I know this probably seems very inconsequential, but for some reason it was just interesting to see all these places he's told me about going. Fast food for a fast guy. Vroom!

Next on the Overg Driving Tour was his old apartment. "Because this is where we began." When we first started talking in April 2002, this was where he lived. He used to tell me about how difficult it was to get up the hills when it had been snowing, and I never could really picture it before seeing it. But there are some damn steep roads out that way. We drove around and he showed me the apartment he had lived in, the carport he parked in, the apartment across the street where the Old Banger had lived, etc. She was only 43, that's not "old."

THEN! Overg took me to a fudge shop! Because for years I've been saying that when I came for a visit that he had to take me to get fudge. So there we were, but unfortunately, I was still so full from dinner that I couldn't possibly eat any fudge without dying. Since he didn't want me to die, we moved on, to ...

Overg's office! It wasn't at all what I pictured. I think I had some sort of multi-story office building in my head, but it isn't that at all. We went in and Overg showed me all of the offices of the other lawyers, the paralegals, etc. Lawyers? Are messy. They keep documents on the floor. In one lawyer's office:

HWG: Those lights are really ugly.
Overg: I have those lights in my office.
HWG: I really like those lights a lot. *bats eyelashes*

Come to look at them, my lights *are* ugly.

Overg's office am cool. I got to sit in his Aeron chair (which I encouraged him to buy) and rifled through stuff on his desk. Then I took one of his business cards, since you never know when you might need a lawyer in Michigan. He has a very nice view of a lake outside his window, and he explained how there is artwork along the edge of the lake that portrays the sun and planets in scale. Or something. Or something is right. These are models of the solar system, with the planets being at "scale" distance from each other. So I have to look at the Sun through Mars all the time. Pluto is something like 5 miles away. So I'd like to thank the city for sprucing up my view. I mean, who wants to look at a lake anyway?

Next he whipped out his ... Beaker photos! He keeps a stash of photos of Beaker in his desk drawer, and he insisted that I sit in his chair while he showed me every one of them. And if I wasn't already in love with Beaker, I was after that.

I also got to see photos of the Overg Parents, and we compared photos of him when he got Beaker four years ago with recent photos, and decided that he looks much more "manly" now. I think it's the sideburns (which I encouraged him to grow)(because they're COOL, yo). Sssssshhhh. No one tell her I've had sideburns on and off since law school. But they are cool.

Overg gave me an interesting lesson on how he uses all the law books in the office to look up precedents for cases. Then we skipped down the hallway hand in hand and exited the office. Let that be a lesson to you all. Legal research leads to skipping.

We crossed the train tracks to go over and look at the lake. Overg explained that it used to be a dumping lake, so it was probably toxic. Great view, though, with a little wooden viewing area and benches. And goose shit all over the place. We heard a *brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrap* coming from below us and decided that it was probably made by an enormously disgusting and ugly mutant bullfrog, but we could not actually see it.

Then, we met Toxic Jimmy.

Well, we heard him first. "FISH!" At first I couldn't figure out what he was saying. All I knew was that a little boy of about 8 or 9 was walking towards us with a big goofy grin carrying a pail and a fishing pole.


Toxic Jimmy ambled over to us and started telling us about how he caught four fish today. I asked him what kinds and he said, "A pike this long and a pike This Long and a pike THIS LONG. And a bass." Complete with holding his fingers apart to show how long the pikes actually were.

Now, Toxic Jimmy was really cute. But it was also obvious that he had some sort of mental impairment, because he had a slight lisp and stutter and he was just a little too happy and jovial. It wasn't a severe mental disability, but it was there. And therefore I felt a little bit protective of the kid, so I asked him if he threw back the fish or took them home to be eaten (he threw them back) and then I told him I thought he did a really good job and good luck next time. Overg didn't really say much to him.

So Toxic Jimmy walks off to find his friend, and I look over at Overg with a look of, "Awwww, isn't he cute?"

Overg: "I TOLD you the water was TOXIC!"

A statement that was so cold, and so cynical, that I was so disgusted that I could do nothing but laugh in response. Oh come on now, that boy just ain't right.

As we were leaving, I pointed out that the library across from his office had an obscene sculpture out front. Overg insists it was just a person's nose, but I'm not buying it. No nose is that big and long.

Then we're off again, and Overg is driving me around and not telling me where we're going. He pulls into a place called The Dairy Lodge. Malts!! We are going to get malts!! Even though this isn't the best place to get malts, there we are. The Dairy Lodge, incidentally, is right beside the Firearms Store. We likes to do some shooting while we eats our ice cream up here.

We walk up and I'm overwhelmed by all the choices. Overg tells me not to order the large sized malt, because it is gargantuan. I say that I'm still mostly full, so I just want a small. He insists I get a medium. He orders for us, then explains that a true chocolate malt is made with vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup and malt powder (rather than chocolate ice cream and malt powder). Then he insinuates that I don't know the difference between a malt and a shake. Which he is WRONG about. She thought a malt just had syrup. Is that whack or what?

We sit at the bench outside and just hang out and talk for awhile. He notices my bracelet, and we talk about that for a bit. Then he accuses me of not telling him that I went to Busch Gardens with Teem when I went to visit her, and acts all hurt, so then I try to tell him about that but he keeps interrupting me and bemoaning the fact that I keep so much from him. She's a woman of many mysteries and secrets. But I know I told him the stories from that trip, and he's just forgotten them. Because he hates me and everything I stand for.

Next Overg showed me the rich people houses up on the hill, which were really nice with gorgeous views. His city might be a small one, but it's really quite beautiful.

We headed back towards his house, stopping at the grocery store for buffalo, Oleson's. There is a big neon buffalo on the sign, I kid you not. We have stopped here to get a contact lens case and alcohol. We find the case, then go get the booze. We were going to get just Mike's, but then I see that this store also stocks Woody's Ice in Blueberry, so I do the Happy Drubnk dance and insist we get a six-pack of that as well.

We leave and get to the car and I have again forgotten to lock my door. Damn manual locks! We *vroom* off back to Overg's house, where we break out the booze post haste.

And Thumper? She is out. And when she sees me, she does not run. In fact, she doesn't really go anywhere. She wouldn't let me pet her, and she didn't come over to me, but she was out and staying out, which was a minor miracle. Beaker, on the other hand, was all about me petting her by this point.

I laid on the floor to play feather stick with Beaks while Overg was in his bedroom doing ... something. Best not to ask. I could see that Thumper was watching, so I started dragging the end of the feather stick over the recliner, which she was sitting behind. She really liked that. She liked it so much that she started pawing at it and chasing it wherever I moved it.

It was right around then that Overg came out of his bedroom and saw us playing. He was smiling so big that I thought his head would split in two. He was shocked at what Thumps was doing, and ecstatic that she liked me enough not only to come out the first night I was there, but to play with me as well. I was shocked myself, since I thought she might not come out at all until Saturday night or so. But no. I clearly have a way with Overg's cats. Heewig modestly neglects to mention that it was she who really encouraged me to adopt Thumper from the shelter. I was very concerned about how Beaker would react and whether or not I could handle two cats. Heewig was really the one who convinced me I could do it, for which I am eternally grateful. So it was something special to see Thumper, who is a big ol' chicken shit, come out and play with her so quickly.

After kitty play time we settled in for a night of watching season one of Aqua Teen Hunger Force on the couch. The right side of the couch is now mine. Overg convinced me to *meatwad* with him during the opening credits. It's a dance, you sickos. We laughed, we cried, he touched my feet with his feet (as a way of saying, "No! Your feet aren't as hideous as you think!). Heewig has always been telling me how much she hates her feet. And there's nothing wrong with them. I mean, I hardly noticed that she has 7 toes per foot and no ankles.

Overg has really strong toes. And they're prehensile toes. We were jostling for position on the couch and he pushed his feet against me so I tried to tickle the bottom of his feet ... and then he GRABBED MY THUMBS with his toes. Honestly. And then he squeezed my thumbs and I struggled but couldn't get them out from between his toes and he actually said, "Don't let me break your thumbs" and I was all like "You CAN'T break my thumbs" but in all honesty, I think he probably could break my thumbs with his strong-ass toes. Just don't ask what I've been doing with them to get them so strong.

Eventually I got my thumbs back.

We were both exhausted by 11:15, so we headed off to bed. Thus ends my first day with Overg. But thankfully, it was just the beginning of a terrific weekend.

I've changed my mind, though - I'm going to do separate entries for each day. There's just too much to write about.

Posted by Highwaygirl on July 20, 2004 12:16 PM to the category Friends

Yay!! How fun!! This is fun to read...though I'm WAY creeped out by overg's toes.

It's awesome to see how well your phone/computer relationship translated to "reality."

Oh, and as I'm sick of reading about the many times you invoked the name of Teem, I'll be anxiously awaiting the mention of my invocation. *cough*

Posted by: Roo at July 20, 2004 01:35 PM

Roo! I actually invoked your name a lot, and every time I did I called you by your real name and Overg said, "Oh, you mean ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOO."

Posted by: Highwaygirl at July 20, 2004 01:47 PM

And I said it just like that too. Rooooooooo. It's very fun. You should try it if you haven't already.

Posted by: overg at July 20, 2004 01:51 PM

Hee. Thanks...I'll be waiting with bated breath for the Day 2 and 3 entries.

And of course I was kidding about being sick of Teem's name. I invoke it all the time! No one could EVER be sick of the name o' Teem. NEVER!

Posted by: Roo at July 20, 2004 02:01 PM

Yeah, I had 20 bucks on Roo piping up her displeasure over not being mentioned. Ha ha!

Although I'd have done the same thing if I hadn't been appeased with numerous shout-outs from my peeps.

I think overg and heewig like each other. I know, I know, it's hard to tell, but I have like, a sixth sense about these things.

Posted by: Teem at July 20, 2004 02:10 PM

I don't suppose there's any chance *my* name was invoked. *smiff*.

Posted by: rappy at July 20, 2004 02:13 PM

Teem is mean to me. I take back all my invocations. *anger face*


Posted by: Roo at July 20, 2004 02:48 PM

Of course your name was invoked, Rappy! I specifically mentioned you when I was talking to Overg about how I think meeting someone in person solidifies how you feel about them. Because that's exactly what happened at the times when I met you, Roo and Teem. I already knew I liked you all and that we were friends, but meeting you and spending time in your presence made how I already felt even stronger.

Posted by: Highwaygirl at July 20, 2004 03:03 PM

AW. *happy smiffs*.

Posted by: rappy at July 20, 2004 03:05 PM

Yeah, yeah, yeah, Teem, Rappy, Roo . . . This entry is about me! Let's talk about how great everyone thinks I am.

Posted by: overg at July 20, 2004 03:20 PM

Nice to hear that you guys had a great time together!

Clearly, Juliefish is Smitten.

Posted by: Phildozer at July 21, 2004 10:21 AM
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