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July 21, 2004

The Continuing Misadventures of Heeverg

Remember how I told you that Overg and I were exhausted the first night I was there, so we went to bed relatively early? Well, unfortunately, that led to us waking up at 4:30 a.m. (Overg) and 5:30 a.m. (me), respectively. I actually had just woken up to use the bathroom, but while going in there I saw Overg awake and sitting at his computer. My sleep habits are just too fucked up.

He was mod-ing Hamster Time! He is so devoted to the cause. Thatís what makes me the admin people love to love.

So we exchanged good mornings and stuff, and then he told me what he had read on the live feed recaps. We just sort of sleepily and groggily hung out and watched television for a little while, including an episode of Celebrity Poker Showdown (go Jeff Gordon! *vroom*).

Then we took showers and got ready to face the world. We discussed breakfast options, and since Overg doesn't live in a city that has a Denny's or an IHOP or a Waffle House or a Village Inn or ANYTHING it really makes me sad at times, we settled on a place called Mabel's that serves a good breakfast. According to Overg, it is an "old people restaurant." I suppose that is why he decided to take me there.

So we buzzed out that direction, but first Overg drove into a subdivision called Greyhawk, so he could show me more rich people houses with really nice views. And he delivered. Then my stomach started digesting itself, so I begged and pleaded that we go to breakfast.

Even though there was a big crowd outside Mabel's, we were seated fairly quickly. Itís all in who you know. But not before we snickered and sniggered at a group of men on Harleys, one of whom was wearing leather biker chaps that looked for all the world like crotchless bondage pants. Overg remarked that he had a pair himself, only reversed, and I zoned out on that little image for five minutes until our name was called.

The service at this place was incredibly quick, and our waitress had our food out within about 5 minutes. I ordered cinnamon swirl french toast (YUM) with a side of bacon, and Overg had a platter of pancakes, scrambled eggs, sausage patties and hash browns. Both of us ordered orange juice, and Overg asked me not to *screams* when I tasted what Michigan considers OJ. It wasn't at all bad, though.

Overg was also nice enough to let me try some of his hash browns, and despite what I had heard, Michiganders do not make hash browns with turnips. But southern-style hash browns are greasier and crisper. And better. *shocked face*

We did a little bit more sightseeing on the drive home, which included me playing the Las Ketchups song and singing the "You know I'm a hobbit" line to Overg in person. He always laughs when I do this on the phone or on IM, and so it was really nice to be able to get him to laugh at it in person, too. *hand jives*

After we got home we immediately laid down on his bed to nap for a couple of hours. The first of TWO naps we would take on Saturday. One of the 2.5 million things Overg and I have in common - we enjoy our sleep. She only wishes she could nap as good as me though. I am the fucking Yoda of napping.

After waking up and greeting the kitties, we headed out to the deck to enjoy the beautiful afternoon and to read Kurt Vonnegut's Bluebeard together. This is Overg's favorite book not to mention the source of Beakerís formal first name, Karabekia, so I've always wanted to read it and see why he likes it so much. We had finished reading Vonnegut's Slaughterhouse Five the week before and had started on Bluebeard before I arrived, stopping on Chapter 6.

So we picked up from there, sitting out on the chaise lounge together and alternately reading a chapter aloud.

I know that doing so might seem weird to some people, and I can understand that. I canít. If I do it, itís cool. Accept it. But reading aloud to each other has always been one of my and Overg's "things." We just like doing it for some reason; there's no real explanation for why. We just like it. One of the first in-depth, meaningful conversations we had back when we first started getting to know each other involved, for the most part, going through our collections of Bloom County anthologies and reading aloud all of our favorite strips, until 4 a.m. in the morning. By the time we were done, we were both delirious from laughing so hard (and lack of sleep) and surrounded by a pile of books.

As simple as that seems, it was one of the best nights either of us has had, and it's a very fond memory for us both.

So this whole reading aloud thing is just something we enjoy with each other. And it was really nice to be able to do it in person, as opposed to on the phone. Especially when we're sitting in the sun drinking Woody's and enjoying a nice breeze (and terrific company) at the same time.

Of course, the reverie was broken when I was bitten on my neck by a bee-like insect. But Overg flicked it away *flexes muscles like the man I am*, and after a few minutes of an intense stinging-burning-itching feeling, all was well. I did have a red mark later, though.

The order in which we did things on Saturday is really blending together, so I'll just write about the other things in general.

At some point we stopped reading and came back inside to cool off and get more Woody's. For some reason, I had the Eddie Murphy classic "Party All the Time" going through my head that day. At first I was singing the chorus as "Bea-ker wants to party all the time, party all the time, party all the tiiiiiiiiiiiime." Which made Overg laugh. But one time we were in the kitchen and I just sang the line normally, and Overg turned around and gave me this really surprised look, followed by a smile. "I didn't know you could sing." And I said, "Nooooooooooooooooo, I can't sing." Because I can't. I guess Eddie Murphy just happens to be in my extremely narrow vocal register. Song choice aside, she sounded really good.

We ate some stuff, Overg made me try beef jerky (mmm, tough meeeeeeeeeat), and then we went outside for a walk. We explored the house being built across the street, which was really cool. We talked about all of his neighbors. We walked around his yard a few times, he made me pull some weeds and pick up some rocks, then we ended up sitting beside each other in front of his house on the steps and just talking about all sorts of things. We could have been an ad for wine coolers.

I think that's one of the things I like most about Overg - he and I can just sit and talk about whatever for hours and hours on a daily basis ... and every day, we have more to say to each other. Isnít that what being best friends is all about?

Then I think we napped again. I was on the right side of the bed, near the cat perch thingie. One of the high ones with platforms and stuff. We slept for about 90 minutes and I awoke to the feeling of clawless kitty paws whapping at my hand (which had somehow fallen over onto the cat perch).

It was THUMPER. Playing with my HAND. And she was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo so so so so SO SO SO cute doing it. I glanced over my shoulder and saw that Overg was still asleep, so I tried to be quiet. But I couldn't help giggling at Thumps as she batted and attacked my hand. It was stupid cute. Overg started to stir, so I whispered, "Look at this!" and he got to see the end of Thumper and me playing together. Thumper is a boxing maniac. Sheíll box anything. Shower curtains, blind cords, my feet, 70 pound dogs. And yes, she is cute every damn time she does it.

By this time it was about 8:30 and Big Brother was on at 9 but we still needed to go to Oleson's. I had requested that Overg make Boo Blend Enchiladas for me (it's an inside joke thing) I had some chicken and some Hamburger Helper Enchilada mix. Heewig, aka Boo, suggested I combine the two. And thus a recipe was born. Come to find out that we didn't have any butter, which we needed in order to cook the chicken. So we needed to go to the grocery store again, which is a HUGE sacrifice for me, as you know. Because I hate the grocery store. Addict!

So on our list was butter, booze, and sour cream. We split up in Oleson's, with Overg restocking on Woody's and me picking up the cold stuff. I got my two things first, because Overg is old and slow, so I met him back at the booze locker. I saw him looking into the empty place on the shelf where the Woody's had been the day before, and started sobbing uncontrollably when it looked like there was none left. But it was just shoved behind the Cranberry Woody's. So Overg grabbed two six-packs of the Blueberry and we were set.

At the check out line, we are thwarted by a woman trying to pay by check. For a $9 bill. And she waited until everything had been rung up before she even started writing out the check. And THEN she had to stop after every letter and make small talk with the cashier. It made Overg want to *RAGE!* Seriously people. Use cash, credit cards, or learn how to write at more than a letter a minute pace.

While in the line I spotted a little display of shot glasses commemorating Overg's city. They were cobalt blue with cherries on them. I picked one up and showed Overg and squealed about how cute it was, so he snatched it out of my hand and bought it for me. So now he's responsible for sending me my first magnet, and buying me my first shot glass.

We managed to get out of Oleson's at about 8:55, and we sped home just in time to catch BB. We had the bright idea to sign on to chat, if for no other reason than I needed to tell Teem that my cell phone was showing "Extended Network" (because Michigan hates Verizon) and so I wasn't sure if I could call her after the show.

(Overg actually said I could use his regular phone, which was kind of him. He's such a good egg.) AT&T unlimited plus is a wonderful thing.

So we ran into the HT chat room and decided we'd be all "twinset" and try to mess with people and make them wonder which one of use they were talking to. I think I gave the chatters a big clue when I (signed on as Overg), shouted "NOTS, MY LOVE" to Natey. But then again, maybe not. Teem actually had the best "test" question - she sang a line from a Phil Collins song. This was the perfect way to see who was actually talking, because Overg shares her love for Phil, but I do not.

We played around in chat for about a half hour, but then decided to sign off so we could just hang out and watch the rest of the show together. Which was fun and a little bit surreal.

Finally, after the show, it was time for the BBEs! And they were really good, despite not having any tortillas. I couldn't finish my share. Dammit, now I'm really craving them ...

We sat on the couch and watched more Aqua Teen (I think ... we were watching something) and then Overg finally was quiet long enough for me to tell my story about Glen McCall and the alligator at Busch Gardens. I had been trying to tell him the story for a day and a half, but he kept interrupting me. We moved into his bedroom and laid on the bed watching a few episodes of the South Park marathon on Comedy Central. We listened (not so much watched) to the first 30 minutes of the South Park movie, and by this time it was about 2 a.m. and both of us where falling asleep, so we said our goodnights and I went into my room to pass out.

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