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July 31, 2006

You Can Stop Now

OK, time to be abrupt.

To Whom It May Concern:

If you want to know something about me, or you have any questions for/about me, or if you just have something you want to get off your chest ... then by all means, have at it.

You don't need to keep visiting my site 7-8 times throughout the day. In case you didn't know, I have a site tracker and it logs every single one of your visits to this site.

  • I know the exact dates and times you visit this site.
  • I know how long you spend on the site.
  • I know how many times you click on a link on the site.
  • I know exactly which pages you look at on the site, and how many times you look at them.
  • I know when you download photos off this site.

    That last thing? SO not cool. And really, really bizarre.

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  • July 27, 2006

    The Beast

    Satchel - Still cute, yet completely out of hand.

    Satchel being an imp to Caygeon (129MB) (right click to save to your computer)

    What I think Satchel needs is a strong male influence to guide him, and teach him how to be a gentleman with the ladies (rather than jumping on their backs and biting their necks)(although under certain circumstances that wouldn't be all that bad)(nevermind).

    I have someone in mind, too.

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    July 25, 2006

    Word Association


    Current Mood: Disappointed
    Satchel: Uncontrollable
    Marcel: Wonderful
    Big Brother 6: Underwhelming
    Work: Taxing
    Temperature: Rising
    Keane's Under the Iron Sea: Masterful
    Jake: Jesus-y
    Bullshit excuses: Lame
    Skinny Cow Cookies & Cream ice cream sandwiches: Addicting
    New dishes from Pier 1: Modern
    New shoes: Painful
    Current administration: Shameful
    Raleigh, NC: Goal

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    July 05, 2006

    My Day at Work

    This conversation pretty much sums it up:

    Jake: STABBIC
    Me: I need mass amounts of mind-altering psychotropics right now
    Jake: hahahah

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    If Karma Is a Boomerang

    Kenneth Lay Dies While Awaiting Sentencing

    You know, it's not that I find this funny, per se, because I don't. It just seems ... it just makes sense, in a way. Alanis Morrisette would find it ironic.

    Big Brother starts tomorrow, so expect my posting - which has been infrequent at best - to become even more scarce. Unless Satchel does something exceptionally cute, and then I'll just have to post about it.

    Feline Detente Update: This morning, Caygeon licked Satchel's head. In a nice way - it wasn't a death lick or something malevolent like that.

    In other news, I am thisclose to spontaneously buying a plane ticket to New Mexico. Neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeds. I have neeeeeeeeeeeeeeds!

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    July 03, 2006

    The Cutest Kitten In the Whole World

    Am I not the cutest thing you've ever seen?

    Thank you, everyone, for all of the kind words about Dawsey and the new kitty. It's nice to know that the amount of love I have for my kitties is shared by other people towards their pets.

    Life, the movie was taken by my digital camera (a Canon G6).

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    July 01, 2006

    Introducing: Little Man

    Click for full size image

    Actually, his name is Satchel. After one of my favorite types of purses. Or maybe after the great Negro League pitcher, Satchel Paige. Or mayyyyybe after some military thing called a "satchel charge" (guess who thought up that reference?).

    I first saw him on Thurday, then went back to adopt him from the Humane Society on Friday after work. I haven't had a small kitten - he's about 12 weeks old - since I bought my Maine Coon, Murphy, in 1987. So it's been fun to have a tightly-wound ball of energy careening around the apartment.

    Caygeon is having a hissy-fit, literally. But she's not being aggressive towards him, which is good. Mostly she's keeping her distance but watching him, and hissing when Satchel gets too close.

    Satchel also really enjoys sitting on my chest and rubbing his wee little kitty face in mine. I have the allergic reactions to prove it.

    Click for full size image

    His current nicknames are "Satchmo," "Satchy," and "Little Man."

    Satchel being cute on my bed (78MB) (right click to save to your computer)

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